Pastor’s Gastropub: Our New Favorite Place in Pasay

Pastor’s Gastropub: Our New Favorite Place in Pasay


Whoever expected this kind of degustation in the back alleys of Pasay City? Hidden in the rear side of the Hobbies of Asia compound, Pastor’s Gastropub is a refreshingly sore thumb in the array of Chinese restaurants and Dampa-style eateries in the area. A wrong turn round the end could definitely bring you to the right place.


Pastors Gastropub10

A black façade with a simple sign, Pastor’s Gastropub keeps its delicious secrets within its well-lit interiors. 

Pastors Gastropub11


A step inside and a spacious 150-seater restaurant welcomes you in a bask of yellow light. Guests are also greeted by an expansive kitchen that provides a full view of the food’s preparation. Giant cuts of meat and dried cod hang on display while chefs carefully work on their customers’ orders.




Wooden geometric cut-outs line the walls like puzzle pieces set in place, adding a warm hue to the overall ambiance. Antique details of refurbished glass and metal works are far from the pop culture vintage of Coca-Cola reds and Pepsi blues. The environment screams “class” but is unpretentious enough to admit its relaxed distance from fine dining.


Pastors Gastropub12

Matte, stone and glass: the bar is comfortably set up and proudly showcases its tempting liquor selection. 

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The famous brick oven, like most of the pieces of the gastropub, was built from scratch using recycled materials.

Pastors-Gastropub-at-Hobbies-Asia-WhenInManila-Philippe-Villareal-15 - Copy

This handmade chandelier constructed out of egg beaters, for example, took inspiration from a similar piece worth thousands of pesos. 


Pastor’s Gastropub: Spanish Fare and Comfort


The menu at Pastor’s Gastropub is designed as Spanish comfort food, bringing back brilliant memories of Noche Buena and Christmas lunches with mestizo uncles and aunts. 


Pastors Gastropub14

Spritely: a dash of color here and there. Even their House Mint Lemon Iced Tea is artisanal.