Pastor’s Gastropub: Our New Favorite Place in Pasay


Pastor’s Gastropub: Tapas


When in Spain (or close to it), one must definitely try the Spanish tapas. 





These cut up sausages are loaded with Paprik and are authentically from Spain. Much like a chorizo but more tender, the Chistorra is best eaten with stuffed olives.


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Chipirones Ajo


Delicate morsels of baby squid are sautéed in garlic and slivers of capsicum that create an interestingly addicting pulutan.



Croquetas de Bacalao


Spanish for codfish, bacalao is mixed with mashed potatoes and bits of spring onion then fried to a golden crisp. Indulgent but not overpowering (with its creaminess), these tasty croquetas are best enjoyed with caper aioli dip and a pinch of lemon. 



Piel de Pollo


Probably the healthiest way to eat deep fried chicken skin (if that’s possible) can be found at Pastor’s Gastropub. Scraped of the fat beneath, all that’s left is the skin itself deep fried to crunchy palm-sized pieces. Be sure to dip pieces of this customer favorite in the tangy shallot vinegar that comes on the side. 


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Pastor’s Wings


Buffalo-style wings with tender chicken meat are coated in an olive oil sautéed chorizo sauce and served with cottage cheese ranch dressing. 



Rollitos de Primavera


Homage to the Filipino favorite, lumpia, these peppery spring rolls are stuffed with local longganisa, Spanish chorizo and melted mozzarella. 



God’s Butter


Another crowd favorite, this dish is reminiscent to the Filipino staple Bulalo and is pretty outrageous in all the right ways. Vertical cuts of bone marrow are roasted with garlic and rosemary and served with grilled slices of baguette, onion jam and chimichuri salad. Warning: not for those with high blood pressure.


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Suggested serving: spread thinly on bread and layer onion jam and chimichuri salad on top. The acidity of the chimichuri neutralizes the fat and the red onion jam adds a hint of sweetness. 


Pastors Gastropub3

A teapot of hot water is served with the appetizer to clean the palate. 


Pastor’s Gastropub: Pizza and Pasta


Pastors Gastropub2

 Gamberetti ala Rebecca


Al dente spaghetti noodles with a sautéed tomato-based sauce. Expect a lot of garlic, parmesan and finely chopped basil for a mouthwatering experience that won’t leave you too full for the next entrée.



El Dasayuno


Literally meaning “breakfast” in Spanish, this brick oven baked pizza is topped with chorizo, quail eggs, caramelized onions and spring onions. Underneath a layer of cheese is a semi-sweet Filipino-style tomato sauce base.