Parokya ni Edgar and Gracenote’s Collaboration Is Our Newest OPM Love Anthem!

This season is truly an amazing time for the music industry and local music artists. There are amazing new songs popping up every now and then, talented artists to watch out for, and collaborations that make our fangirling hearts burst with joy.

Just last week, OPM legend Parokya ni Edgar surprised fans with a new song a year after the release of their latest album, Pogi Years Old. This song isn’t just any song because it was actually a collaboration between Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and fellow Pinoy band Gracenote.

The song, entitled “Bakit Ganyan Ka?”, was “released” through Parokya’s Facebook page.

Listen to it below:

I love the song so much because of its relatable theme in feeling that kilig whenever you’re with your significant other or even just your crush. And if you think a collaboration between these two OPM icons is already amazing in itself, you should know the story behind the song.

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According to the Facebook post, it was just a friendly collaboration that emerged purely out of love for music. “Walang pino-promote, walang album, walang music video, or kahit ano…maliban sa kanta,” says the post. (No promotion, no album, no music video, or anything else…just a song.)

The photo in the video was even the actual photo of them working on the song in Chito’s village. How organic can it get??

Here’s to more spontaneous collaborations in the local music industry!

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