Parmigiano Is Back! Let the Authentic Italian Feast Commence!

There is no doubt, Parmigiano is back all strong and delicious!

But first, let us commend how well the new Parmigiano improved from its previous look. If there’s a check-list for a looker in a restaurant, Parmigiano ticked all the boxes. It removed the glass panel for a more welcoming ambiance. It replaced the monochromatic chairs with a dash of yellow and green, which is still gorgeous and urbane but with a friendlier undertone.

But there’s more to it than pretty looks. Parmigiano complements the way your eyes get satiated with satisfaction for your palate. And it does this by paying homage to Italy with its food fare.

We started off dinner with hearty and velvety bowl of Pumpkin Soup.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (1)

Pizza and pasta take up most the energy on Parmigiano’s menu. And its offering are good. When we say good, it is very, very good.

Parmigiano serves one of the best pizzas and pastas in this side of the city.

The Pizza Carolina exudes class as this cream pizza is dressed with the perfect concoction of truffle, mozzarella, and eggs. The Gamberetti Con Rucula is a gift from the sea with the harmonious ensemble of tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, and shrimp.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (6) Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (5)

Pizza is made fresh from scratch and cooked to perfection on Parmiagiano’s self-inscribed brick oven.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (10)

Parmigiano’s 5 Cheese Lasagna is a star. If ever you only get to order one dish in this restaurant, this should be it. It’s a combination of savory and gooey, a plate worth fighting your friends with.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (7)

For those who can’t get enough of the surf, the Spaghetti Al Granchio is the perfect choice. It has crab meat, tomato sauce, and white wine. The presentation? A+++.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (2)

Like the pizza, the pastas are freshly made.

Another seafood option is the Risotto Al Pescatora, which is carnaroli rice cooked with mussels, clams, squids, and prawns.

You can choose whether the sauce is made with tomato sauce or white wine.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (4)

For poultry, the Pollo Al Mattone tops the list. This good-for-two dish is grilled boneless chicken cooked under brick to ensure it is juicy and tender. It is served with a side of baked potatoes.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (3)

There is a lot of fun in indulging on these Italian food fare but that is not an excuse not to save room for dessert. Parmigiano’s desserts are plain Italian nostalgia – Panna Cotta with Strawberry, Tiramisu, and Flourless Chocolate Cake. My favorite? The panna cotta because it is creamy and smooth yet not too sweet.

Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (8) Parmigiano Resorts World Manila (9)

Overall, this charming restaurant at the heart of Resorts World Manila offers some of the best and most genuine Italian dishes I have ever tasted. Dining here is glamorous and fun at the same time – good to be friends, but more amazing with a date.


Operating Hours:
Monday to Thurday: 11AM to 11PM
Friday to Sunday: 11AM to 12MN
Location: 2F Newport Mall