3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to pandapro Now

If you’ve been a long-time foodpanda user like us, then you’re probably already very happy with the app as it is. However, did you know that pandapro exists to make your foodpanda experience even better? We know what you’re thinking: why should you spend extra when you’re already happy with your current foodpanda experience? Let us tell you why!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to pandapro Now

A Ton of In-App Deals

In a nutshell, foodpanda lets you conveniently discover food and get it delivered to you whenever you need it. With the all-in-one subscription program, pandapro, however; you can get amazing deals and benefits on your orders as well. This comes in especially handy for those like us who order from foodpanda on the regular. The more you order, the more you save!

How do you save, you ask? For starters, you can get access to free delivery 30 times per month! I actually live in the South so being able to order food from farther away without having to worry too much about the usual higher delivery fee is a game-changer!

On top of that, you can usually save more when you order more. If you get your groceries on foodpanda or like to order food for the whole family or office every now and then, you can look forward to vouchers that will save you quite a bit of money when you do- 10% off your grocery orders and up to 40% off on food delivery to be specific! If you can pick up your food, you can also save 5% off more with pandapro as well.

Up to 25% Off on Dine-In

Thought foodpanda was just a delivery app? Think again! With thousands of partner restaurants, you can actually use the app whenever you dine in as well. And with pandapro, you can enjoy up to 25% off on your total bill! It’s easy, too. Simply open the foodpanda app, tap Dine-in, choose your preferred restaurant to see their available deal, and then swipe to redeem.

This service is even available in Cebu now. In fact, they launched a dine-in food market at Ayala Cebu Terraces earlier this month called “Dine-in: Sinulog Eats,” where 15 of Cebu’s best vendors showcased their mouth-watering food which all pandapro subscribers were free to attend.

They even added a fun component: attendees were given an event passport to fill up with their dine-in purchases and once they reached a certain number of stamps, they were given special merch to enjoy.

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Photo from foodpanda

Food aside, subscribers were also serenaded by local Cebuano performers and were able to participate in a trivia night and more.  This brings us to… 

Exclusive Access to Different Experiences

If you become a pandapro subscriber, you’ll be able to attend exclusive events such as “Dine-in: Sinulog Eats” and we need to tell you that food isn’t all that was on the table that weekend. To make the event even more memorable, exclusive merch was given out and there was even a giveaway for tickets to the Wavy Baby Festival (also sponsored by pandapro, by the way).

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Photo from foodpanda

All people had to do was take a picture with the adorable Pau-Pau or at the dine-in photobooth. Of course, everything was done through the app in order to experience dine-in at its finest.

And what did pandapro subscribers enjoy at Wavy Baby? They got quicker access to the event space, thanks to the pandapro entrance lane.

They even had a special booth where they could relax, charge their phones, eat snacks, and get their pictures taken while resting. Plus, they received exclusive Pau-Pau merch to boot.

foodpanda pandapro James Reid Wavy Baby Cebu Pau Pau

Photo from foodpanda

So, what are you waiting for? Save big and look forward to fun, exclusive events with pandapro this 2023 and beyond! Subscribe now!