Palm Grill: Take a Trip to The South… with Your Mouth

Article by: Gabriella Mercado/@gabiimercado / Graphics by: Salie Agustin/@rya_creates / Photos by: Deina Blancaflor/@disblancaflor

Have you ever had dishes from Zamboanga, Tawi-tawi, or Jolo?

Palm Grill is a restaurant that aims to bring Southern dishes in the light of Metro Manila. Taking pride in being the first of its kind within the metro, the founder Miguel Cabel Moreno wanted to introduce his hometown and his family’s heritage by bringing Southern meals on these humble tables. Each of the dishes are family recipes, so they aren’t just traditional Southern dishes, but also family recipes worth tasting.

Excited to see what Palm Grill has to offer from the South? Read on!

    Beef Kolma (Php 269)

A Tausug dish cooked in coconut milk and curry. Miggy said that the essence of the Beef Kolma is for it to melt in your mouth. As such, the beef is cooked for an hour before it is mixed with the other ingredients.

    Oswalda’s Fried (Php260-Php730 depending on order size)

Miggy’s grandmother Oswalda has a good old fried chicken recipe that is so good, even kids say it’s better than McDonald’s McChicken!

    Olympus Roast (Php260-Php730 depending on order size)

Dubbed as “food fit for the gods”, the Olympus Roast Chicken was named after the owner’s grandfather. The dish features roast chicken with peanut sauce. And, well, it’s damn good. The roasted chicken itself is great on its own but it’s the combination of the two (along with the peanut sauce) that makes it divine.

    Chicken Satti (Php 200)

Upper Right. A breakfast dish from the Tausugs, this spicy chicken in sweet and sour soup has two sticky rice balls. The thing with this dish is: if you eat the sweet and sour soup alone, it won’t be enough; and if you eat the spicy chicken on its own, it also won’t be enough. However, the combination gives an explosion of tastes in your mouth that is different yet good.

    Green Chicken (Php260-Php730 depending on order size)

Palm Grill’s bestseller. The green chicken is made with sauce called pamapa, infused with seven different spices and coconut bits. This dish is also very healthy as it caters to people  on the Keto diet. Diet or no diet, though, this chicken is a must-try. Once you taste it, you’ll know why it’s their bestseller.

    Eggplant Moussaka (Php 220)

Palm Grill’s own version of the creamy eggplant lasagna. This dish goes well with the pita bread, which they make right in their kitchen!

Knicker Iced Treat (Php 190)

You know how we are all used to the fact that every halo-halo has to come with shaved ice? Well, shake that out of your head because a halo-halo that has no shaved ice exists! And you know what? It is so good, you’ll keep on digging in and digging in (that’s exactly what happened with me!). What makes this unique version of halo-halo taste good is the creme that they use. It’s a secret creme mix that makes everything work well – without the ice! Try halo-halo the Zamboanga way!

Asides from the delicious food, Palm Grill also offers event packages for a reasonable price, as well as eating challenges like their most recent Labuyo Chicken challenge where you can win exciting prices!

So if you’re up to try something new around Quezon City area, drop by Palm Grill restaurant and give their Southern dishes a try!

Palm Grill

Monday-Thursday 11AM-11PM | Friday-Sunday 11AM-12MN

175 Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor, Quezon City

(02) 373 1668


Instagram: @palmgrillph


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