Paktor Dating App: 3 Reasons To Use It

When In Manila, meeting new people has never been easier. Thanks to the FREE Smartphone dating app–Paktor!


Paktor Dating App

Paktor: Hokkien word meaning “to go on a date”.

Sometimes, heartbreaks and failures push us to do amazing things. It pushes us to do things that will help us forget the memories and move on. This is exactly how the Paktor app started. Coming from a long term relationship that ended, an idea of creating a smartphone application that is built around locality, usability and anonymity popped into founder Joseph’s head.

“It’s only natural for many of us to be afraid of being rejected, which is why we’re sometimes too shy to go out and meet new people” Joseph pointed out. With Paktor, rejection is not an option. Only you and your match are the ones who will know that a connection is made and everything else is on the both of you… Whether you want to find out more about the person and take it to the next level.

Paktor Dating AppPaktor Dating App

I admit, meeting and conversing with new people is my weakness. I often find myself stuck in situations that ends up with lots of “dead air” just because I didn’t know how to small talk. This is also the reason why I avoided going on dates and all that meeting new people stuff. 

When I heard of Paktor, I thought it could be my chance to meet new people. Well at least here, you need not be physically present FIRST. You only get to talk to someone you feel that you like if that someone likes you back. And because I’m amazed by how this simple app can make new connections, I’ve listed down my top 3 reasons why you should download and use Paktor Dating App.


Paktor Dating App: 3 reasons to use it

1. Paktor Dating App is easy to use. The interface of the app is very simple. What you can see after you have successfully logged-in is just the photo of the person and a like and dislike button. As simple as swiping to the left if you don’t like and swiping to the right if you like the person. 

DSC01533Paktor Dating App

 2. Paktor Dating App is localized. In the settings of the app, you can adjust the kilometers or distance of the people you want to meet. So if you change it to kilometers nearer to your home or where you are, users that are within that area will only be the ones who will pop up. Locality is integrated in the app to ensure that the people who match won’t have the problem with meeting up.

3. In Paktor Dating App, rejection is never an option! Simple, people you unlike won’t know you unliked them. Same as for the people you like, they won’t know you liked them. The best part? You’ll get surprised when someone you like, likes you back.. cause the app will be the one to notify you and tell you, “It’s a match!” So all the people you can chat with, are those people who likes you too! 

Paktor AppPaktor Dating App

I haven’t personally experienced having someone to match with since I rarely press the like button. But for some friends who found their matches.. and got to chat with them… well they pretty enjoy the app and have been recommending other friends to use it too!

So, When In Manila, ready to make new connections, gain new friends or even meet the future love of your life? If you are…then go to the Play Store or App Store and click that download button for Paktor Dating App! Have fun! 🙂

Paktor Dating App 1


Paktor Dating App



Paktor Dating App: 3 Reasons To Use It