OXYGEN Clothing Makes A Blogger’s Dreams Come True at Their Newly-Renovated Trinoma Branch

When In Manila, especially when blogging for When In Manila, expect not only the unexpected to happen, but the inconceivable.  This was a lesson I learned on July 5, 2012.  As I was sitting in my Tuesday/Friday MIST (Management Informations Systems and Technology) class, waiting for our ten-minute “halftime” break to end, my phone began to buzz wildly.  It was When In Manila’s editor-in-chief, Vince Golangco.


He made it quick.


“Hey Frankie, the OXYGEN people called.  Apparently they really loved your Philippine Fashion Week articles–”


“Oh, thank you–”


“–and they want to give you a five thousand peso shopping spree.”




I restrained the urge to start screaming like a little girl–that wouldn’t do at all for my “professional fashion-blogger” image–and as calmly as I could, answered Vince’s questions about when I was free and when I could go.  D-day was set for 11AM on Monday, July 11, at their Trinoma branch.


oxygen signage trinoma store


I was so excited, I got there at ten.


Since I was early, and the OXYGEN Trinoma branch had gotten a fresh remodel, I decided to take pictures of the store’s new look (as well as not a few deep breaths) before plunging headfirst into the shopping spree.  The offerings were a mix of items I’d seen at OXYGEN’s PhFW Spring/Summer and Holiday 2012 shows, as well as some popular items I’d seen on their Facebook page.


oxygen trinoma storefront


oxygen trinoma store displays


Oxygen trinoma branch mens section store display


Their new decor was a departure from their original, more warehouse-gothic look.  Though still featuring black accents, OXYGEN Trinoma’s new store layout had a bold, minimalist feel; the bright klieg lights making the mannequins look like art installations.  Ordinarily, in a store this big, I would have been at a loss as to where to start my shopping, but the clean lines made it easy for me to spot every item of clothing, and zero in on those that appealed to me most.


printed polos bestseller oxygen trinoma branch mens section 

The perfect boyfriend (shirt): True to OXYGEN‘s androgynous aesthetic, their printed polos are a hot item for boys and girls.


oxygen trinoma jeans everyday promo reversible jeans shorts

 The coolest kids wear jeans everyday: OXYGEN‘s new slogan shows gorgeous models looking like the kids we always wished we could be.


Oxygen trinoma X favorites top sellers aviators hat 

X Picks: OXYGEN‘s top-selling items of the month.


reversible jeans mens oxygen trinoma branch jeans everyday

True to the new brand’s new slogan of “Jeans Everyday,” OXYGEN premieres its versatile selection of–get this–reversible jeans!


reversible jeans OXYGEN clothing jeans everyday trinoma branch

I get a demonstration of just how to work these reversible jeans.


My first pick was a pair of aviators.  With my weirdly-shaped face, most sunglasses in this style don’t suit me, but OXYGEN’s fit perfectly, and had the perfect price–Php. 349.  I decided not to include them in my five-thousand-peso budget; at that low a price, they were a steal anyway!


 aviators Frankie Torres Oxygen trinoma1

Camwhoring never looked this cool: Me in my new OXYGEN aviators, a perfect combination with my black blazer and my Marcela Gutierrez tee from OXYGEN’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection


My next pick came at the suggestion of the OXYGEN staff: this adorable cape-let top that skimmed perfectly over my frame, hiding all those annoying imperfections (such as the Kit Kat chunky chocolate bar I really shouldn’t have eaten, but did–goodbye martial artist body!).



capelet branch trinoma branch


Having made my first two choices, I started blazing my way through the store, picking up purchases left and right.  To top off the superstar treatment, I even got an impromptu “photoshoot” in some of my new clothes!


OXYGEN trinoma marcela gutierrez tee shirt


Frankie torres striped vee taupe jeans OXYGEN trinoma branch jeans everyday



oxygen styling trinoma branch Frankie fashion blue capelet blouse

In style: Me sporting some of my new OXYGEN Clothing couture!



oxygen trinoma salespeople

The awesome crew of OXYGEN Trinoma!



Remember my very first When In Manila article about OXYGENAt its end, I said that if you visited OXYGEN store, you’d definitely come out cooler than when you walked in.  Now, I can testify to the truth of that claim: I didn’t just walk out of OXYGEN; I power-walked out like the world was my runway.  I’d wanted to stay and browse some more–maybe buy another shirt or two–but I had to dash off to make it to my 1:30 Marketing class! 


Frankie shopaholic happiness oxygen clothing trinoma branch



So When In Manila, and looking for a new wardrobe and a new attitude, why not visit an OXYGEN store?  If you do, prepare to have your mind blown and your swag levels lifted!


Visit OXYGEN online: https://www.oxygenfashion.com/

Check out their Twitter: https://twitter.com/oxygenclothing/

Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxygenclothing


OXYGEN Clothing Makes A Blogger’s Dreams Come True at Their Newly-Renovated Trinoma Branch

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