Owners Abandon Paralyzed Dog On The Streets With Nothing But A Broken Wheelchair And Diapers

Lunita, a disabled dog who is unable to use her hind legs, was deserted on the streets of Argentina by a family who was incapable of giving her the proper care and love she needed. It is possible that her family felt she was too heavy a burden to them and they were unable to put in the effort — financial or otherwise. So Lunita was left in front of a local shop at the mercy of strangers.

Lunita's Wish 发布于 2014年5月17日周六

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Luckily, someone passing by took pity on Lunita and brought her to the local veterinarian clinic. Aside from a check-up, Lunita was also given a new and functional wheelchair. Once she recovered her strength the people who rescued Lunita then went about finding a ‘forever home’ for her. Once the shelter which looked after her put her story online she was met with a warm response.

Their wishes for her to find a family eventually connected her with the people who would adopt her. They fell in love with her to the point of bringing her all the way to the United States to live with them. Lunita lived a happy and comfortable life with them until she was 11 years old. She sadly passed away at the age of 11 during the summer of 2018 but her mother promised that Lunita had “changed [her] life forever.”

Lunita's Wish 发布于 2018年7月2日周一

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This story serves as an important reminder of the unfair way disabled animals are dealt with. Aside from being abandoned, they also experience a more difficult time finding owners willing to adopt them. It’s situations like this that show why it would be a good choice to adopt, rather than shop if possible.

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Should you be interested in adopting your own rescue, you can check this out.

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