Outbreak Missions: Run, Choose, Survive



Outbreak Missions: Run, Choose, Survive


Manila, September 13, 2013—ThisOctober, the organizers of the hit zombie run Outbreak Manila take thrill to a whole new level. Outbreak Missions is a live-action, zombie survival experience that promises a screaming good time. Because it is a separate event series from Outbreak Manila, it isnot your usual 5-kilometer zombie feeding fest. But there are still two stark similarities to Outbreak Manila: first, you will need to run; second, there will be hungry zombies.


Outbreak Missions happens on October 4, 18, and 19 at Filinvest City from 10pm onwards. It is no longer merely a run. It is a choice-dependent adventure. Participants will be grouped into teams and asked to complete several tasks by looking for survivors, performing challenges, and uncovering clues around the course. Each choice takes the team to different tasks that bring them deeper into a post-zombie apocalypse world. And the ending depends on the decisions they make while trying (and screaming) hard not to be zombie food.


There are two missions to choose from: The Adarna Initiative happening on October 4 and 18, and The Narrows on October 19. The Adarna Initiative is a quest to find a rumored cure for the zombie outbreak, while The Narrows has them fighting for survival as they set a path toa bus that will bring themout of the infected zone. Like Outbreak Manila, participants will be given a belt with three red flags representing their lives. The goal is to complete the mission and finish with at least one life flag intact. And as exciting as it all sounds, no physical contact amongst participants and zombies are allowed at any time.


With so many choices, side missions, special characters, and clues to experience, the best decision to make is to take part of this one-of-a-kind challenge. Registration opens on Friday, September 13th at select Toby’s, RUNNR, and BROOKS outlets.


Outbreak Missions is presented by Boardwalk, Fox, Summit Natural Drinking Water, 100 Plus; co-presented by Filinvest City, Festival Supermall; in cooperation with Impact High Performance Whey Protein, Smart, MoguMogu, Coleman, Booster C Energy Shot, and Makeup Design Academy. It is also brought to you by Cello’s Doughnuts, Berocca, Toby’s Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, BROOKS, RUNNR, Symbol Science, BurnwaterArtxDesign, WheninManila.com, Pinoy Fitness, ClickTheCity, Gala Magazine, Mellow 94.7, philSTAR.com, and INQUIRER.net.


For more information, visit outbreakmanila.com/missions or find Outbreak Manila on Facebook. 


Outbreak Missions: Run, Choose, Survive