Outback Steakhouse Weekday Lunch Specials: The Best Way to Reward Yourself!

Outback Steakhouse!


When in Manila, it’s true that it’s soooo difficult to pick a place on where to take your family, your special someone or even just to spend quality “me” time in those instances wherein you feel the need to reward yourself a little.  As you all may know our dear readers, Frank and I don’t just feature any place or any subject without any relevance to what we believe in. Our features have all been about rewarding yourself and making memories with the people who matter most. We are so fortunate because the universe has  always been leading us to the right places and faces to enhance our existence… =)



And yes once again, we were at the right place and with the right people! Personally, I knew that the Outback Steakhouse was the perfect venue for this week! I knew my friends will love and appreciate the whole experience because I know that when it comes to great quality food and service, Outback Steakhouse always delivers!


I heard that Outback Steakhouse is currently offering some selected best sellers at a more affordable price (a third less from the regular price) on their Weekday Lunch Specials (Mon-Fri 11-3pm). Furthermore, they also got new items on the menu that got me so excited to check out!



 Brace yourselves for yet another set of drool worthy photos……..


First off, we had these ultra refreshing fruit smoothies….

fresh mango, apple, lychee and green mango 




 My favorite! The Cherry Limeade!




To tickle our taste buds a bit, we tried out their Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla!

grilled flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, mushrooms bacon and cheese!  

 all the good stuff in a wrap! super delicious!





For our salad, we had  their Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad! I was simply blown away! Surprised  that Outback Steakhouse excels not just in fine steaks but in seafood as well! Due to its positive response to customers, this salad has even been promoted to their dinner menu!


I so love everything about this salad! Perfectly balanced… from the textures down to the flavors! 

Crispy and so fresh!






Chicken BBQ Flatbread– When I saw this on the menu… I knew I just had to try it! I’m a big fan of super thin crust pizzas! And boy it truly delivered!! Loved it!


 all i can say is… BRAVO (with standing ovation)!

crunchy goodness with each bite!




Of course, any celebration won’t be complete without pasta! Today’s choice: Seafood Pasta! 

 the freshest catch in al dente fettuccine and marinara sauce!



 celebrating the good life with friends!





Bloomin’ Steak Sandwich – definitely not your ordinary sandwich! I say it’s loaded with all the tempting stuff! Steak strips, caramelized onions, melted cheese plus onion rings….. OMG!!! 

 the picture says it all!





 Toowoomba Topped Fillet – Any Outback experience won’t be complete without  devouring onto their steaks of course! The medley between those shrimps, mushrooms plus the richness of the tomato cream sauce complimented the seared fillet so well! (doing cartwheels now!!!)



 Consider this as your reward for working hard! Take it! Take it!




 Just the way I like it! Medium Rare!




nothing beats a cup of coffee after a filling feast





And for our sweet finale, I  cooked up a little surprise for Frank! hihihi

The staff at Outback  prepared this Dessert Sampler Trio along with a birthday candle! They surely know how to make people feel special! I’m glad he liked it!



We should always show people how important and valued they are!

it’s  REALLY the effort that counts! 





So what makes Outback Steakhouse  so special? 

I must admit, I had this wrong notion about them before about being too high end and ultra expensive but now I realized that compared to others, their prices are well justified because aside from their fantastic menu, Outback Steakhouse provides its customers with the things that are priceless… the things which money can’t buy……




Personally, I never thought that experience would be so memorable! I had such an unforgettable dining experience because of the wonderful people we met. It was an afternoon filled with so much fun and laughter!! It really made my week and made me look forward to spending more experiences there! =)





Outback Steakhouse provides us with the perfect venue…. with intimate dim lighting, enough space, cozy seatings and genuine warm service that is so hard to find in other establishments. At Outback Steakhouse, they’ll give full attention to your needs due to their commitment to provide you with what you deserve….. THE BEST!



 meaningful conversations…. priceless!





Thank you so much Outback Steakhouse for your undying commitment to provide people with excellent food and service! Thank You for creating such a wonderful venue for us people to bond, make good memories and appreciate life more!



 meet the warm wonderful staff at Outback Steakhouse at Glorietta 4



So when in Manila, never ever forget to reward yourselves for working hard for your family! Celebrate life! Celebrate with your loved ones! Celebrate each waking day because life is tooooo short and too precious to just let all these blessings pass! And in looking for a great place to hold these celebrations, remember Outback Steakhouse!






The “Weekday Lunch Specials” is available

Monday- Friday 11am to 3pm (in Alabang Town Center and Glorietta- 4);

and 12nn to 3pm (in Acropolis).

Follow Outback Steakhouses’s Twitter account (@GoOutbackPH)  

like its Facebook account at www.facebook.com/OutbackSEA






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Outback Steakhouse Weekday Lunch Specials: The Best Way to Reward Yourself!

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