Our favorite Marvel superheroes + McDonalds = The happiest meal!

Watch out, Marvel fans! There might be a marvelous surprise waiting for you in those iconic Happy Meal containers! This has definitely got us believing that the greatest things start with the letter “M”!

McDonalds and Marvel might just pair up in the future since McDonalds and Disney are now working together once more!

Marvel Happy Meals are coming in the future.McDonald's reunites with Disney on Happy Meals after more than a decade apart. https://cnb.cx/2BSbBMd[The Alpha]

Posted by Marvel Philippines on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

We just can’t wait to hold our superheroes close every time we get a meal! Who doesn’t want to get a miniature Black Widow or Captain America? We’re so excited!

Which superhero do you want to get? Let us know!


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