Ostrich Steak Dish at Moomba Bar in Quezon City Metro Manila

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Ok ok ok, I know what you’re thinking…. “OSTRICH….. ewwwwwwwwwwww!”

Well let me tell you right now, that I would have never known it was Ostrich if it weren’t labeled as such in the menu, and if the chef wasn’t there right beside me to guarantee it. It tasted pretty much like beef… well…. sorta a mix between chicken and beef, but mostly beef… ostrich beef.

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Anyway, we’ve been trying to schedule a tasting with Moomba Restaurant for a while now but they seem to be always fully booked. Not to mention their chef, kitchen jedi, Chef Jimmy Jardiniano, really wanted to meet with us but had a fully packed schedule. He teaches culinary classes and has other culinary work so having to steal him for a night is really a very difficult thing to ask for.

Alas, finally the stars aligned, and so did our schedules. Chef Jimmy Jardiniano invited WhenInManila.com and FlairCandy.com over.

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First of all, the place is absolutely wonderful. It’s a very spacious two-story restaurant with lots of cool furniture, fixtures and food! The staff was uber friendly and best of all, they had lots and lots of pillows everywhere! It really gave the whole place a very homely and comfy feel.

Furthermore, they have a couple of stages set up and play some great music if you’re looking for a place to hang and experience the Manila / Quezon City Night Life.

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Anyway, let’s start talking about the Moomba Bar FOOD!!!

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 118Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 115

We started off with a Cheezy Pizza (sorry, didn’t get the actual name, was too busy stuffing myself!). We started with this as we were still waiting for some people. So Chef Jimmy Jardiniano gave us this little treat to help us pass the time. I took one bite and I was HOOKED! This was the CHEESIEST pizza I’ve tasted in a while! I asked Chef Jimmy about it and he said that yes, it’s a secret they have at Moomba that makes this pizza extra cheesy tasting! I promised to only have a slice as I knew I had more food coming…. but I couldn’t help myself! I ended up eating the whole freakin’ plate of 8 slices! So much for my diet! Damn you good cheesy pizza…. damn you!

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 116Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 117

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 113

Anyway, from there, I’ll fast forward to the  next highlight which was definitely the Ostrich dish! The Moomba “Tiyan of Ostrich and Julienne of Vegetables” to be exact! As I mentioned, it really tasted a lot like beef, with a little zing to it! The Ostrich meat was very tender and was complimented perfectly by the mashed potatoes served on top of the Ostrich meat. MMMMMMMmmmmmm!

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 140

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 141Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 151

OMG, I swear, these Ostrich Dish photos are making me hungry again! It looks like an Ostrich pie but it’s really just mashed potatoes on top of the Ostrich beef.

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 133Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 135

Anyway, other than the Ostrich Steak Dish, here are some photos of the other dishes we had at the beautiful Moomba Bar in Quezon City (QC).

Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 121Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 127Moomba-Quatro-Restaurants-Timog-QC-Quezon-City-Manila-Food-Eat 157

When In Manila, be sure to come to Moomba Bar in Quezon City where Ostrich cooking is at its best! Do try their Ostrich Steak Dishes! It’s one big bird you won’t mind chowing down on! Oh and do also try their VERY cheesy pizza! If you like cheese, I guarantee you’ll like their pizza!

Moomba Bar and Restaurant Q.C.

Address: Mother Ignacia St.corner Roces Ave. Quezon City, Philippines

Email: moomba_qc@yahoo.com

Phone: 371-1973

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Ostrich Steak Dish at Moomba Bar in Quezon City Metro Manila

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