Ortigas’ Industrie Food Loft is Worth All the Hype it’s Been Getting

Buns & Bros.

The Bomb, The Eager Beaver

If you’re on the search for the best burgers in Manila, place Buns & Bros. as one of your stops. With burgers less than P300, these are sure to achieve at least a worth-it mark. While they offer the classic hamburger that lets you savor the meat, their unique flavors are also are each rich and each new. Their bestselling Assassin uses wasabi sauce (which tastes good even to those who don’t like wasabi like myself), while The Bomb comes with jalapeño ranch (with extra on the side), and the breakfast-style Eager Beaver introduces the glorious combination of maple syrup and burgers (who knew?). We recommend you order any of your choices with some cajun fries or their thin and crispy onion rings.

Tip: They go extra by bringing their buns to the game: brioche, black roasted sesame, and a beer bun are the three buns used for their burgers.

LokLok: Asian Street Food


industrie23Laksa, Assorted Skewers

Whatever novel skewers you may have tried and loved on the streets in your last trip abroad, LokLok will probably be able to serve it to you in a colored mason jar. With a diverse set from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, it’s only fit that their stall also has a sign that instructs you on three different ways to eat them. You can either pour your dip onto the skewer inside the jar, take it out and spread the dip with a spoon, or ditch the sticks and place them in your bowl of laksa.

Tip: Up next for them are skewers inspired by the street food in Macau.

Krates by Kopi Roti



While the established Kopi Roti celebrates traditional Singaporean coffee, Krates decides to deviate and join the third wave movement of specialty coffee. Offering cold brew and filtered coffee of specially curated beans, what comes out is a silky and smooth blend. Even better is the experience Krates offers: laid out on a wooden tray is a glass of espresso Kopi Roti cubes accompanied by a tiny pitcher of milk, a tiny glass of espresso, and if you want an extra kick, a shot of rum. Not fond of strong coffee? Try their cookie butter coffee milkshake. Sweet tooths and cookie butter fans are bound to enjoy.

Aside from coffee, they also serve some Kopi Roti favorites like their kopi bun and kaya toast, as well as homemade siomai and a brownie to go with your drink.

Tip: Their Redeye, which uses caramel milk (yum), is great for those who don’t prefer bitter tastes too much.

The Broken Oven by The Olive Treat


industrie34PB+C Sandwich, Sisig Kaninballs

Serving comfort food that tastes very Filipino with a little twist, The Broken Oven offers some of Industrie’s crowd favorites. Crunchy slow roasted pork belly takes center stage, giving rise to their PB+C (pork belly + cheese) sandwich that joins it with kesong puti and specially made ciabatta pandesal buns. But what really changes the game is their sisig kaninballs. Not today, healthiness.

Tip: Can’t decide between the two dips for pork belly? Pour your chimichurri on your rice and dip your pork belly in vinegar.



industrie36Tapa, Kansi

If The Broken Oven is for Filipinos who want to munch, Opsters takes Filipino comfort food home. Ilonggo dishes with spices straight from Bacolod are homemade in this stall without pretensions. They deliver just that with the ideal breakfast plate of tapsilog, as well as other dishes like their signature bestselling Kansi and Chorizo Recado. No games, no fancy finishes. Just good food.

Tip: Their kansi is sour and strong for those who like the authentic Ilonggo experience.



industrie40Truffle Tuna Roll, Crazy Maki Roll, Tempura Salmon Aburi, Spicy Shake Roll

Pronounced as hoo-ka, this Japanese modern fusion stall is known for their torched sushi (aburi). It’s uncommon to hear of wagyu with sushi, but Hōka offers an interesting wagyu roll, along with many other of the long-time favorites like Volcano Maki and Spicy Shake, which is their own rendition of spicy salmon. Aside from sushi, they also have other dishes like katsudon, teriyaki, gyoza, and the like. Attention, cheese lovers! A good bunch of them come with melted cheese on top (YUM).

Also, what’s new on their menu is a truffle tuna roll. Say it again with me. Truffle. Tuna.

Tip: For those sharing and want to try different rolls, Hōka offers combo platters!


industrie41Ribs, Peri-Peri Chicken

Named for its fast preparation from order to table, Tornado is definitely nothing like a fast food restaurant. In fact, their chicken is marinates, baked, and then grilled, which is perfect for when you’re watching your weight. They serve never-failing ribs as well as their Filipino take on the Portuguese peri-peri chicken. Even though there are only two mains, there are more than enough sides to choose from, as well as three different peri-peri sauces offered (Original, Tiger’s Fury, and Dragon’s Breath).

Tip: You can just tell by the fact that grilled pumpkin is their bestselling side that this is a guilt-free eatery. Come here for your healthy fix.

Niku Niku

industrie42Kampai Set

Two words: Wagyu. Cubes. You can’t go wrong at Industrie with this alone. Their other three skewers are just as worth it, especially at the price of less than one hundred pesos each. But they didn’t want to be just any skewer stall, and they distinguish themselves through the different flavors they serve their beef in. You can choose from Japanese curry, salt and pepper, teriyaki, and their house blend (which is highly recommended). Soon they’ll be expanding to chicken, vegetable, and seafood skewers. Don’t forget to order it with some chahan!

Tip: For those who just can’t get enough, worry notthey have a takeout box (and it’s pretty nifty too).

On the Rocks

(1) Virgin Lychee Mojito

(2) Houseblend Iced Tea

Of course, the place would not be complete without some drinks, which the team behind Industrie has taken upon themselves to craft. While their House Blend Iced Tea also comes recommended, their coco series is also one to try.

Tip: They offer drinks with or without alcohol for varying prices.

With all the hype that’s been surrounding Industrie since it opened, we can now say with certainty that it doesn’t go undeserved. The first time I went here, I went straight to ordering from four different stalls, and still wanted more. When you come to Industrie, the amount of options is pretty impressive. For many food parks, most people make a one-time trip for the food. For Industrie, they come back.

Industrie Food Loft

CityGolf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas City
Open from Monday to Thursday, 4pm-1am, and Friday to Saturday, and Sunday (11am-10pm)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IndustrieFoodLoft/
Instagram: @industriefoodloft