Ortigas’ Industrie Food Loft is Worth All the Hype it’s Been Getting

First things first about Industrie Food Loft: it’s not a food park.


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Food parks have been propping themselves up left and right in the past year, to the delight of many. But while we love going on food park trips, they can also be hot, stuffy, crowded, and pretty loud. Enter Industrie: an in-door, air-conditioned, and brightly lit food hall located at the second floor of CityGolf Plaza, Ortigas. Far from your typical container stall food park.

It’s only been open for a month, yet word of mouth has been spreading quickly. (It even reached me and my friends who made our way from Katipunan shortly after it opened.) As the sun goes down, officemates and students flock to Industrie for dinner, and on weekends the place is packed with families.


Where industry meets pop art and gourmet food meets affordable prices are 12 unique food concepts gathered in one space. Most of the tenants are aspiring entrepreneur chefs, each with their own story. Let’s take a look at each one.

Prime Shack MNL


industrie7Prime Shack: Australian Rib Eye Steak, Cajun Shrimps

Their homey stall is all about the classics. They hand it to you straight: steak, seafood, and oysters—because you can never go wrong with a house favorite. They also offer a diverse set of flavors for their shrimp buckets and oysters such as Mango Sriracha Oysters and Cajun Shrimps that give these classics a twist, while still offering the good ol’ flavors like with their Butter Garlic Shrimps. We recommend their cajun shrimp and their Rockefeller oysters!

Tip: Their rib eye is only P230. Where else will you find that kind of steak at that price?

Manila Creamery

industrie43Salted Egg Cheesecake, Matcha Taho Shake

Standing as the Industrie’s sole dessert stall, this beloved ice creamery elevates Filipino flavors into Italian form. They have the kind of menu that makes you want to keep coming back so you can try them all, from Davao Tsokolate to Mangga’t Suman. With gelato flavors such as Salted Egg Cheesecake and milkshakes like Matcha Taho, Manila Creamery shows that it’s not your typical kind of gelato. It’s proudly local and proudly delectable.

Tip: Only the Manila Creamery in Industrie offers soft serve ice cream. Also, their leche flan soft serve is a must-try.

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The Pullet


industrie13Fried Chicken with Sizzling Mac and Cheese, Cheetos Corn on the Cob

The bad boys of fried chicken, The Pullet’s special seasoning gives Hole in the Wall’s Bad Bird a run for their money. What’s cooler is that you can inject your chosen sauce into your chicken with a syringe they provide. Here, side dishes are no joke. While each chicken comes with coleslaw in Yakult dressing, they also offer all the great partners of chicken you can think of, from dirty rice, to waffles, to corn on the cob. French fries too have their own spotlight, with bold flavors like pizza fries, nacho fries, and truffle fries.

Tip: They are now offering a special Cheetos spin on their corn on the cob in different flavors (regular, barbeque, and jalapeño).



industrie15Bulgogi Cheesesteak, Chicken and Hangover Noodles

Translated as “I measure,” Noonchi’s dishes take a modern spin on traditional Asian dishes from Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea. Whatever mood of yours they do “measure,” they have a dish for it. Food for comfort, hangovers, or a big appetite await the customers of Noonchi. Their ingredients are also nothing short of fun and authentic: egg noodles, garlic peanut sauce, and black buns infused with squid ink are some of the ones laid on their plates.

Tip: The hodgepodge of ingredients they named as their Hangover Noodles was born when the chef actually had a hangover and whipped up whatever he found in the kitchen the morning after — so you know they’re legit.

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