Originals Only (OO) Showcases the Best in OPM!

Originals Only (OO) has a second awesome event this month. The second installment of OO for July is going to be held on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, 8 PM at Upperhouse, 2/F The Brewery in BGC. Door charge is P300 with a free beer or P100 for students.

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For this OO, we are featuring the hitmakers, Brisom. We also have Sleep Alley, BOB, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, Guji, and newcomers Titus.

Come have a nightcap of OPM with us!

Why OO?

Originals Only (OO) is more than just a normal band gig. OO is a movement that says YES to OPM by celebrating the diversity of OPM genres, bringing OPM artists, both seasoned and new, onto one stage every month.

Mainstream media and their establishments seldom celebrate the sub-genres of our beautiful music. We recognize that there is a huge support for independent music, but is still left untouched and undiscovered by most media and radio outlets. Oo provides a supportive community for all of its artists and music.

Founded by Guji Lorenzana, Oo is a passion project whose main purpose is to provide a ground for OPM to be rediscovered and celebrated by music enthusiasts.

Originals Only is held monthly, showcasing artist from an array of OPM genres. Artists that have performed at Oo include OPM acts such as Mojofly, Nicole Asensio, One Click Straight, Leanne and Naara, AJ Rafael, and SUD.

We would love to hear from you. If you know of any OPM artists that need an avenue to showcase their original music, please let us know. Email Guji at guji@gujilorenzana.com so that we can include them for future OO events!

For more information, please do visit or contact:


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