Here’s an Awesome Idea: Order Sorbetes (aka “Dirty Ice Cream”) in a Tub

Who loves sorbetes? Also called “dirty ice cream”, sorbetes is the traditional version of ice cream here in the Philippines. Some have a single scoop, others pile it on, and even others (like me) love having it in pandesal. Have you ever stocked up on dirty ice cream, though? Coz that’s exactly what Mimai Cabugnason did today.

She posted a photo of her in front of a sorbetes vendor and her order of an entire tub of delicious dirty ice cream scoops. “Support tayo sa kanila,” she says in her Facebook caption. “Si Kuya na ang nagpose na di ko namalayan hahaha pero ang saya ng ice creaaam tapos ganito kainit! Kaon!”

Dirty Ice Cream in a Tub

Photo from Mimai Cabugnason

Look at that huge and utterly delicious “serving” of ice cream! “We always buy sa mga naglalako samin,” Mimai shares, “and I think it’s a good way to help our vendors na din especially during these tough times. If we can, let’s support our local vendors and buy from them. Let’s help each other out.”

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