24 Online Shops to Get Cute, Artisan Custom Keycaps

I’m certain that you’ve noticed how mechanical keyboards became the latest trend among Pinoys who were once again revamping their workspaces at home. In fact, there’s no way that you didn’t research more about mechanical keyboards and browsed shopping sites at least once this past year—that is, if you didn’t already have your own keeb.

So whether it’s for a friend who’s got one or it’s for you to get inspired to invest in your own customized keeb, we’ve gathered a list of online creators on Shopee offering a variety of custom-made cute and artisanal keycaps that you’ll definitely want to add to your cart and onto your keys!

24. Resin Atelier


Resin Atelier creates gorgeous resin keycaps for those who like that dreamy, magical girl vibe for their keeb. This shop even sells pudding keycaps with logos of popular Kpop groups! CHECK OUT the shop here!

23. Craftify PH


Craftify PH also specializes in resin keycaps decorated with glitter and foil, dried flowers, or watercolor swirls—all of which look so heavenly! CHECK OUT the shop here!

22. Pixie Crafts

Pixie Crafts feature a number of dreamy designs made of resin for those who just love that kind of fantastical aesthetic. Some designs include astral symbols, clouds, mini fruits, and flowers. CHECK OUT the shop here!

21. Bulacan Keycaps


A fan of BTS? Bulacan Keycaps offers handmade ploymer clay and resin keycaps of the Kpop group’s BT21 characters. So cute! BUY it here!

20. The Littlest Gift Shop


Love Genshin Impact? This online store sells adorable keycaps of a Crystal Core and a Primogem that will keep motivating you to play the game every day! CHECK OUT the shop here!

19. Sand Wagon

sand wagon

This concept store showcases amazing handmade products by different creators, including CreationsByMaryAnn’s artisan resin keycaps that will brighten up any keeb! CHECK OUT the shop here!

18. Hooked by Ef


This artist created a handmade resin keycap of Tarantadong Kalbo’s Tumindig movement, one that will sit pretty on your keyboard while also being a daily reminder for you to always fight for what’s right. BUY it here!

17. Monsutā Works


Monsutā Works’ resin keycaps are so skillfully made that it will feel like you’ve got a piece of art on your keyboard. Whatever your aesthetic may be for your workspace or your keeb, you’ll find a design from this store’s catalogue of keycaps that’ll fit right in. CHECK OUT the shop here!

16. Satomi Creations


Cutesy, girly, and adorable—that’s what Satomi Creations’ keycaps are in a nutshell! Their Shopee page features a ton of beautifully handmade products of different characters, food items, and designs. CHECK OUT the shop here!

15. iLikha 3D Printing Services


iLikha sells artisan keycaps of various fandoms and franchises, such as “Gundam,” “Genshin Impact,” “Pokémon,” “Magic The Gathering,” and Kpop groups Twice, BTS, and Blackpink. CHECK OUT the shop here!

14. Deiji Art PH


This Dagupan-based shop sells 100% handmade resin arts & crafts of different Kpop fandoms and popular anime series. You can find stunning keycaps inspired by IU, Seventeen, BTS, Red Velvet, NCT, ITZY, and Twice, as well as shows like “Fairy Tail” and “One Piece.” CHECK OUT the shop here!

13. Elebana Crafts


If you’ve got a character you’d want to make a keycap of, Elebana Crafts accommodates custom orders created with resin and clay. Currently, their store only has a couple of designs in-stock but you can have your custom-made designs delivered straight to your doorstep in just a week! CHECK OUT the shop here!

12. Keyfluent


This keycap store sells handmade artisan keycaps and 3D FDM printed and hand-painted keycaps with new designs becoming available in-store every month! You can also choose to order custom-made ones. CHECK OUT the shop here!

11. Scapture


BTS and Twice fans will want to check out Scapture for its hand-sculpted polymer clay and resin keycaps of each group’s members. It’s perfect for those who want to have the faces of their favorite group all together on their keyboard to show just how much they’re into the fandom! CHECK OUT the shop here!

10. Noriprints


This store sells 3D FDM printed and hand-painted keycaps that look really impressive and perfect for those with a more edgy aesthetic. CHECK OUT the shop here!

9. Purple Craft


Made with cold porcelain and polymer clay, Purple Craft’s keycaps are cute and dainty, and oh-so tempting to put in our mouth. But the one keycap that’s got our attention is definitely the one made to look like a bucket of Potato Corner fries. Yes please! CHECK OUT the shop here!

8. LikhaAtGawa PH


This small store sells 100% handmade keycaps of different anime franchises, delicious food, and other pop culture references. CHECK OUT the shop here!

7. Lucky Cat Keycaps


Whether you’re into playing “Genshin Impact,” listening to BTS, playing “Valorant,” or watching “Tokyo Revengers,” there are keycaps made for you in this local store! CHECK OUT the shop here!

6. Lollipoppy


Lollipoppy’s got “sugar, spice, and everything kawaii” in its store filled with artisan child-core designed keycaps. Find everything from realistic looking food and dessert items, hearts and rainbows, cat paws and cat faces, and anime characters here! CHECK OUT the shop here!

5. aerariu


All cat lovers will fall in love with aerariu’s cat paw keycaps 100% handmade in different styles! There’s pastel cat paws, glittery cat paws, purple sakura cat paws, and more! CHECK OUT the shop here!

4. Keymochi.PH


Just as its brand name suggests, these keycaps look just as tasty as mochi, especially because they’re all handmade with resin. Our favorite designs from Keymochi PH are its pink sakura keycaps as well as its fruity cat paw keycaps! CHECK OUT the shop here!

3. Custom Keycaps PH


Custom Keycaps PH sells not only keycap sets for your keyboards but also custom keycaps created with resin or aluminum alloy. Some of its resin keycaps available on their Shopee site are in the shape of bulls, owls, and dragons, while its aluminum alloy keycaps feature symbols of Genshin Impact, “Attack on Titan,” and more. CHECK OUT the shop here!

2. Keysa.PH


Created by an artist named Ysa, keysa.ph houses some of her handmade polymer clay creations. Currently she has keycaps of characters from “Adventure Time” and of assorted food items, but you can also have your own keycap made. CHECK OUT her shop here!

1. Kleytopia PH


Kleytopia makes some of the yummiest looking keycaps you could ever find. Simply browsing through the shop will make you crave desserts and frappuccinos and juicy steak… they just look that good! All keycaps are made-to-order with a waiting period of four to five weeks. CHECK OUT the shop here!

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