O’Neill Philippines Opens Its First Store in Glorietta 5 : Be the First In and Last Out

O’Neill Philippines Opens Its First Store in Glorietta 5 : Be the First In and Last Out

When in Manila, check out O’Neill Philippines stores and see what they have for swimmers,divers, surfers and wakeboarders alike.

On one fateful day in 1952, Jack O’Neill decided that he had had enough of his surfing sessions being cut short by the ice-cold breaks of Northern California. Fueled by his unstoppable passion for the sport and bold ingenuity, he crafted the world’s first neoprene wetsuit – an innovation that forever changed the landscape of surfing. Quickly establishing its edge with its pioneering innovation of surfing wetsuits, Jack opened his garage doors and launched the first-ever surf shop in San Francisco, California.

O' Neill 1

O’Neill Philippines in Glorietta



Over the years, O’Neill has shaped the industry of surfing, most significantly with its inventions and its continuous focus on producing highly innovative gears and equipment for the ever-evolving needs in surfing, wakeboarding, and diving.

O' Neill 2

O’Neill, the store for divers, wakeboarders and surfers alike!

Indeed, O’Neill has grown to be a pioneer international water action-sports label that remains at the forefront of action sports technology as it always comes up with the best and latest product innovations. The brand ultimately produces a variety of items and gears that transcend disciplines and even encompass a spectrum of lifestyles.

O’Neill 4 

The best water action-sports products from O’Neill

Though the brand’s image and reach have exponentially widened since its humble beginnings, Jack’s ultimate vision of extending the next ride, thrives at the core of O’Neill. For this reason, O’Neill will always remain to be an important action sports label with its extensive selection of products such as surf and wake boarding vests that no other brand offers.

Not to mention, O’Neill differs from the rest by offering a vast array of rash guards and board shorts that are not only creatively and tastefully designed but are also meticulously equipped with high-technology features that address real-life issues faced by action sports practitioners.

 O’Neill 7

O’Neill rash guards


O’Neill 9

O’Neill rash guards for kids.

O’Neill also consistently comes up with performance products that will prolong one’s enjoyment in his or her chosen water sport — constantly innovating to come up with fresher and more enhanced products.

O’Neill 8 

O’Neill products for women!

Among the features that O’Neill board shorts possess, for example, are a lightweight feel, four-way stretch, water-resistant coating, quick dry, and ultra-suede material for more movement and comfort, among others. Meanwhile, the rash guards are all equipped with a UV block technology, offering absolute rash protection and the utmost comfort with its four-way stretch feature.

O’Neill 3 

O’Neill board shorts


O’Neill also prides itself in its high quality vests that boast of an exclusive Slice-Foam Core, which updates stiff old vests and turns them into bendable ones that can take the form of the body as needed. On top of that, the vests also feature a concealed dual belt system for better security.

On the other hand, the brand’s adept understanding of the culture, which spawned from the roots of water action sports propelled O’Neill to produce lifestyle items that will allow practitioners to live out the essence of their chosen sports into their day to day lives.

O’Neill 5

O’Neill lifestyle items



O’Neill Philippines


When in Manila, visit O’Neill at 2nd floor Glorietta 5 and get discounts in your purchases!

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O’Neill Philippines Opens Its First Store in Glorietta 5 : Be the First In and Last Out


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