OMG! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Engaged—Again!

Almost two decades after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called it quits back when they first got engaged in 2004, the power couple is ready to take on a second chance.

In JLo’s email newsletter, On The JLo, she announced the news and showed off a soft green diamond ring on her finger.

Lopez also took to Twitter to share—or at least, tease—the news to her followers:

Any word about their engagement is yet to be heard from Affleck at the moment.

The couple first began dating in 2002 and announced their first engagement in 2004. After breaking up, they both went on to have their own relationships and kids.

Rumors about Lopez and Affleck’s reconciliation started in 2021 when they were spotted spending a lot of time together.

It looks like after almost 20 years, they both found their way back into each other’s arms.

Congratulations to Bennifer!

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