Olivia Newton-John On How Long She Has Left To Live As She Battles Cancer A Third Time

Beloved singer and actress Olivia Newton-John has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. She first fought the illness in 1992 then again in 2013, though both times were kept private. Newton-John is now making her battle against stage 4 breast cancer open to the public eye.

The primary thing she wants to make known when it comes to her struggle against cancer is that she has no interest in being told how much time she has left. “When you’re given a cancer diagnosis or a scary honest diagnosis, you’re suddenly given a possibility of a time limit,” she explained to 60 Minutes Australia

“If somebody tells you, you have six months to live, very possibly you will because you believe that,” Newton-John went on. “So for me, psychologically, it’s better not to have any idea of what they expect or what the last person that has what you have lived, so I don’t, I don’t tune in.”

What others might see as a particular tribulation, Newton-John bravely chooses to continue facing positively.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve been through this three times and I’m still here,” she shares. “I’m living with it. Every day is a gift now, particularly now.”
The Grease star has since taken a break from her career to focus on her health as well as on helping others. She now devotes a significant amount of her time to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
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