OL ACCESS: Social Media as a Tool for Information Dissemination


At this generation, everyone owns a cellphone, a laptop or a computer and uses the internet for different purposes. Everybody is reaching out their families abroad through Facebook. With the use of a hashtag (#), it’s so easy to discover a trending topic. Various advocate groups might find the internet to be the best medium because of how fast it can reach people. Even TV shows and celebrities can easily update their audience of what is next to watch out for. Thus, the social media is proven a very powerful tool for information dissemination.

In line with the online media generation, the selected senior students of the College of Communication (COC) of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) organize a seminar that will discuss how social media is being used in many ways.

The OL Access seminar will be held at the Accenture Hall, 4th Floor, East Wing, Main Building, PUP Mabini Campus, Sta. Mesa, Manila and will run from 1PM to 6PM.

Participating speakers are Ms. Yam dela Cruz (multimedia producer of ABS-CBN’s health show, Salamat Dok) to discuss how social media is used for public service, Mr. Sef Tiburcio (fashion blogger and owner of seftiburcio.com) and the administrator of PUP Memes (a university-based
Facebook page) to talk about how they entertain their audience through the internet, a representative of the Sigaw Ng Kabataan Coalition (a youth organization) to tell more of social media being used by advocate groups, and last but not least, Atty. Francis Acero (director of democracy.net.ph) to further discuss the Cybercrime Law and to teach us how to be responsible users of the social media.


There will be an open forum after each topic discussed.

The event is open to everyone but there will be only limited slots.

Admission is free!

For pre-registration, inquiries and other concerns, please contact our Promotion Manager, Gioanna Martin at 09067777902 or gioannaleigh@gmail.com).

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