Oh no! Mt. Apo Might be Off-Limits to Trekkers For the Next 3-5 Years

After a forest fire ravaged a large portion of Mt. Apo over the weekend, the famous trekking spot might be off limits to trekkers for the next 3 to 5 years.


According to reports, the director of the Department of Tourism in Central Mindanao has recommended keeping the mountain of limits to trekkers in order to heal itself.

 “I am initially recommending closing it (to climbers) for five years,” tourism director Nelly Nita Dillera was reportedly saying.

Volunteers from different government organizations came together in North Cotobato to help douse the fire that ravaged the mountain for at least two days.

Wild animals were also seen fleeing from the fire as it reportedly swallowed up more than 300 hectares of the mountain’s peak.

Reports say that the fire was caused by irresponsible hikers were responsible for the fire, but it has not yet been verified.

Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, and is home to the Philippine national bird: the Monkey-Eating Eagle.

Do you think 5 years is too long? or just enough for mt. Apo to heal itself?


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