Ogie Diaz Shares 3 Ways to Inspire Others To Be Their Best

We all have people who inspire us. From family members to others, there are those who fill us with enthusiasm and make us want to do more with our lives. 

But what does it take to be an inspiring person yourself? How can you be an inspirational leader for those around you? 

Comedian, Showbiz Radio Anchor, and Talent Manager, Ogie Diaz, is all set to make viewers and subscribers inspired by his channels.  

There are many characteristics that we need to know, to have the power to inspire and  uplift those around us. You can learn how to inspire leaders and others with your  courage, drive, creativity, or passion for life. 


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Ways to Inspire Others To Be Their Best By Ogie Diaz

1. Build up those around you 

A simple compliment can make a big difference. Giving people timely positive encouragement and recognition can have a huge impact. It can improve their self-esteem by increasing their confidence and self-worth. 

People can become confused by stress or anxiety if they don’t believe in themselves.  However, when someone else recognizes their worth, it can alter their perception of  themselves. 

2. Share your experience 

You have more to share than you realize. Mine the rich experiences of your life and  share your wisdom from your unique point of view. You may be the only one who can  touch someone with your inspiring message. In fact, sharing experiences with people,  even strangers makes the experience more intense and memorable. In addition, your  experiences can help other people since they can learn from you. 

3. Tell your stories 

Facts inform, while stories export. They, too, inspire. We learn best through sayings,  and we must all create our own inspiring stories. Introduce expressions into your  presentation. Of course, not the fresh ones, not the pretty ones because they invalidate,  and not the sarcastic ones because they hurt. But the good ones, because they reveal  who we are.

Being able to inspire others is an important personality trait. Inspired leaders revive  energy in the workplace. They encourage everyone around them to dream bigger, push harder, and lead a more fulfilling life.  

Get To Know Ogie Diaz 

Roger Diaz Pandaan known professionally as Ogie Diaz is a Filipino comedian, actor,  entertainment reporter, and talent manager. He is popularly known as “Pekto”, the name of his character in the long-running former television show Palibhasa Lalake. 

In 1987, Díaz began his career as an assistant to Cristy Fermin, who remains his close friend up to this date, at Mariposa Publications. In an interview, the latter revealed that he would beg loans from his neighbors for a transportation fare to arrive at Fermin’s office at GMA Network. Diaz eventually became a writer during the early ’90s; this provided him enough money as his family’s breadwinner. Later in his career, Diaz tried his luck with talent management and acting at ABS-CBN. Some of his notable talent artists include actress Liza Soberano and former comedian Vice Ganda. 

Also, he is a content creator and social media influencer based in the Philippines. He has over 500K followers on Instagram, 3.15 Million subscribers on “Ogie Diaz Inspires” where he shares inspirational stories touching the hearts of millions, and 764K subscribers on “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update” where you’ll get the latest news on your favorite celebrity. A true content creator.

Watch a clip from his interview on “The Creative Talk” podcast with Jan Santos below:

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