Off-the-radar burger joints that deliver and you should try at home

Burgers are the ultimate comfort food. And with the ongoing crazy pandemic, we really need a lot of comfort [food] right now. So, make sure to get these ensembles of tasty beef, crunchy lettuce, perky tomatoes, and melted cheese. Here are some off-the-radar burger joints in Manila that you should try. Despite the lockdown, you can still get your hands on these because they deliver.

7. In-Between PH (

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In-Between PH started from the owners’ love for sandwiches—putting consideration on the versatility and endless possibilities you can create or put “in between the slices of bread.”

The brand started as an idea or as a concept of its chef in early 2019 for his love for sandwiches and his signature spicy chicken, in particular. Fast forward to April 2020 during ECQ, the burger joint’s social media account was created but only to cater to family and friends. Then friends of friends started following it on social media and began ordering. The rest, we guess, is history.

If you want to experience a real good spicy chicken sandwich then you should try In-Between PH.

6. Gutom ‘dre (@gutomdre)

Gutom ‘dre is a pandemic project concocted by a group of friends who did not have work due to the current health crisis. According to Jean Camille Santos, one of the founders, they listed down the possible names for the burger joint and Gutom ‘dre won because they want their brand to sound affordable and the name resonated well with them.

This burger joint offers budget-friendly, charcoal-grilled burgers. “[Our food] is unique because we are using Chef Calvin’s own recipes in all the food we offer,” Santos revealed. “We also have our “Secret Sauce” that can go to anything-you-want-to-dip food.”

Gutom ‘dre adds new choices in their menu every week. So, best to check out their social media pages for updates.

5. Burger Brewster (@burgerbrewster)

Enjoy mouth-watering burgers from Burger Brewster. Some of their bestsellers that you should try include Juicy Lucy (half-pound 100% pure premium beef patty with molten cheese core, caramelized onions, dill pickles, and garlic mayo), The Hallucinator (half-pound 100% pure premium beef patty with molten cheese core, 4 bacon strips, cheddar slics, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, caramelized onions, and garlic mayo), Adobo X (adobo experience in burger form), and Shroom Zoom (quarter-pound 100% pure premium beef patty, cheddary slice, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, dill pickles, and garlic mayo).

4. The Tuning Fork (@thetuningforkph)

Noey Silva is an incoming sophomore at Ateneo de Manila University who has loved experimenting with food since childhood. After experimenting with different recipes during quarantine, Noey started a business to fill the burger-shaped void in all of our hearts (and stomachs).

The Tuning Fork’s burgers are flavorful with every single ingredient complementing one another without overpowering anything. The best part, though, is the bacon. Noey shares that they cure and smoke the bacon at home, so you’ll end up tasting an unforgettable sweet and smoky flavor with every bite! Plus points for the 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging!

3. Havey Diner (@haveydiner)

Opened in 2012, Havey Diner offers scrumptious burgers that you’ll devour in minutes. Burger options include Havey Burger (beef patty, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheddar cheese), Waley Burger (beef patty in a bun), Musheese Burger (beef patty, sauteed mushrooms, and cheddar cheese), Lockdown Burger (beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese), and Secret Burger (“ang burger na bagay sa chismosa mong kapitbahay”).

Aside from burgers, Havey Diner also delivers pasta, soup, and other party trays— chicken cordon bleu, chicken wings, baked chicken parmigiana, beef salpicao, beef kare-kare, burger steak, American BBQ ribs, and more.

2. Tekies Frappe and Burgers (@tekiesfrappeandburgers)

Photo from Tekies Frappe and Burgers

Tekies make burgers that really satisfy your taste buds. They are meaty, fresh, satisfying, thick, and zesty. Their burgers use pure beef patty. They are not broiled nor fried and you can grab a burger for as low as PHP 65 only!

1. Gelo’s Burger (@gelosbrrgrr)

Gelo’s Burger is the creation of Maria Rafaela Lagula. When her parents lost their jobs, she and her siblings decided to venture into food business— that’s when they came up with this off the radar burger joint. What’s special with Gelo’s Burger is they take pride in every piece of burger they create. Lagula claims that every burger is made “out of love.”

Concocting the flavors of their burgers is an adventure. “We really love to eat, especially burgers and fries (but who doesn’t?!) We did an experiment on which flavors will best suit our burgers. We came up with awesome sauces and food combinations. There will be more, as soon as the store opens in mid-August,” Lagula told When In Manila.

“This is indeed a blessing, we started from nothing, no plans of having a store, just a plan on surviving this crisis, but these burgers are indeed blessing in disguise,” she concluded.

Despite the pandemic, Gelo’s Burger was able to set up a physical shop in Evangelista St. Quezon City. It is open for dine-in, take-out, and deliveries.

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