Octoboy Food Express: Savoring An Octolicious Japanese Street Food Madness!

When In Manila
, and craving for Japanese snacks and dishes? Dropping by at Octoboy Food Express and quench every bit of hunger is the best idea that I can recommend.

I was just browsing  facebook when I accidentally glimpsed on a picture of Takoyaki from Octoboy Food Express’ facebook page.  Eager to experience its goodness coming from its delish looks, I immediately jumped off my seat and visited one of its branches, bringing with me 2 buddies to help me review the restaurant’s specialties.


octoboy-5meet  Marj (my 12-yr-old pamangkin) and Julius( my best buds)



Located at Tomas Morato Cor Sct. De Guia, Quezon City, Octoboy Food Express is a Japanese Street Food Specialist that offers a variety of  Japanese food, may it be Ramen, Yakiudon, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and all other delicious stuff!


octoboy-232Octoboy Food Express is located at the 2nd Floor of the establishment pointed by their sign.


The Origin: How and Why Octoboy

Owned and founded by Mr. Giovanni Cheng,  Octoboy’s opening of its first branch in Banawe dates back in year 2009. The research and development of the food line up, according to Mr. Cheng,  started on year 2004, and aimed to provide  quality Japanese food to the Filipino people at very reasonable price. According to him, he does not only want their food to taste delightful, but  also to be unique and far different from what’s existing.

The prefix “octo” was obviously from “Octopus”, which tells everyone that it is one of their best ingredients, and is present in almost all of the food they serve. The whole name “Octoboy” , however, was formulated due to a series of alterations bound by legal and technical considerations.


Taking A Peek Inside

octoboy-42431Comfy chairs and tables , with huge photos of  menu displayed on the wall –reminds us that we’re off to a Japanese Food tripping!


octoboy-31Oriental Style displays in red, black and yellow are noticeable inside


octoboy-22Transparent Japanese cuisine concept gives an entertaining view while dishes are being prepared.


octoboy-23At that area covered with metal sheets, Takoyaki’s are being cooked. It allows customers,

especially the children, to see how Takoyaki’s are brought to life!


octoboy-24I think it’s so hungering to watch your order being cooked! Seriously!


octoboy-2245As soon as we took our seats, we knew what our first activity was: Order the best dishes!


And now, food will be served shortly as soon as you’re ready.

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