Octoboy Food Express: Savoring An Octolicious Japanese Street Food Madness!

The Star Starters

Served firstly are these salted Edamame Beans. These appetizers are usually what  Japanese restaurants offer as you sit down and wait for your main dish. Edamame beans are actually boiled green soybeans that taste as good as it sounds. You can do munching this snack while talking to your friends, just like what we did. And good thing about it is that it is nutritious, as it contains lots of fibers, and  soy protein that is good for the heart.

octoboy-2Salted Edamame Beans! good starter for meals


You may be wondering how to eat the beans. At first, we thought we have to peel it off first and extract them one by one. But Mr. Cheng taught us the right method. The next picture shows how my buddies enjoyed snacking our appetizers! And yes, that’s the reason why it is salted. 🙂 


octoboy-6the right way to enjoy munching Edamame Beans. Sipping the beans out!


Octoboy’s  Okonomiyaki: Sizzling Pizza in a Japanese Way

Okonomiyaki actually refers to a savory pancake containing lots of ingredients. From the word “okonomi” meaning everything you want, and “yaki” meaning cooked or grilled, we can expect anything good to be topped on it. And with that,  Octoboy Food Express designed their very own much like of a pizza that suits Pinoy’s taste buds. Served to us is Beef  Okonomiyaki. 

octoboy-9Simply mouthwatering Beef Okonomiyaki!

octoboy-10 a slice that you will never share! yummy!

 octoboy-11111as I pulled up and stretched a portion of the pizza, it reminded me of physics concept,  Modulus of Elasticity. Lol!

I liked the taste and the whole serving of this food. Tender, not too salty, and best to be gorged when hot. By the way, Octoboy’s Okonomiyaki is also available in shrimp, chicken and squid flavors.

Yakiudon At Its Finest

Overwhelmed we became as this meal was served to us. What caught our attention are these heavy toppings! Not only that, the curry mayo is all over the surface and perfectly adds savor to the whole meal. The stir fried noodles cooked with fresh veggies is so delectable!

octoboy-14Shrimp Yakiudon! a must try in Octoboy Food Express!

octoboy-15I’m sure, you won’t get enough of this breaded shrimp tempura topped in crispy udon noodles!

Grilled Mackerel’s Grilled Sensation

I guess the word that would best describe Octoboy’s grilled mackerel is “JUICY”. Actually, I’m not used to ordering grilled fish in restaurants, but the freshness and tenderness of Octoboy’s Grilled Mackerel taught me to consider them now. Marj told me that this one became her favorite that day.

octoboy-3juicy Grilled Mackerel with ponzu sauce! so savory with those grill marks!

Over The Philadelphia Roll

Named after the brand name of a cream cheese, a Philadelphia Roll is just another type of our favorite “sushi roll”. As you can see, the rolls are buttered on the surface, and the cream cheese is coated all over, which makes it more exciting. I’m no expert in judging sushi rolls, but this one tastes outright and not “nakakaumay” as dipped in its sauce.

octoboy-16Philadelphia Roll, tastes impeccable!

Spice Up! Fried Baby Squid

When you see something mouthwatering like this, normal behavior is to immediately grab one and chomp down. Just like what the 3 of us did. But we’re not warned that these crispy fried baby squids are spicy. Haha! But minus the spiciness, the taste is intimate and the crunchiness is “A”-okay. This meal is best recommended as pulutan. By the way, I brought home an order of this, and my father liked it very much.

octoboy-17 Spicy Fried Baby Squid. Spice up your appetite!

Fried Inari Sushi

Another variant of sushi was served to us that day. But this one is fried and stuffed with lots of goodness.

octoboy-19upon serving this food, I can’t help myself from taking lots of pictures! the serving was so enticing!

octoboy-21Eager to learn what’s stuffed inside, I immediately focused my camera on the cross section of the food and inspected. Indeed, the Inari Sushi is filled with lots of goodness– tofu, crab, and octopus to name some.


octoboy-20The crispiness of their preparation is something that you will first notice. Following is the good taste of the combination of ingredients inside. Our first bite of this meal tells us a lot of good things!

Octoboy’s Pride–Takoyaki!!

A little long time ago was when I first tasted a Takoyaki. All the while, I thought it’s but normal for takoyaki’s to have bread-like taste. But Mr. Cheng clarified that takoyaki’s should not taste like one. And that story proved to me how serious Octoboy Food Express is to be Filipino’s choice when it comes to Japanese Street Foods.

As soon as the plateful of Takoyaki reached our table, one thing that caught our attention are those topped Bonito Flakes, wiggling and giving life to the serving!

octoboy-12Octopus Takoyaki! I know it looks heavenly that it hungers you now. But wait until you tasted them!! 


octoboy-13Seriously, I cannot describe the excitement that Julius and Marj had when Takoyaki was served to us!haha!

So what’s so special with their takoyaki? well, each balls are finely cooked, thin, crispy and crunchy in the outside, but luscious and creamy in the inside. You will feel the hot and creamy sensation touching your tongue as you take your first bite. Take note, octopus as an ingredient to takoyaki balls is not that common in some food stalls because of its price, ending up in using squid instead. But as Japanese Street Food Specialist, Octoboy Food Express proved that it can exist at a very reasonable price.

Dessert Time!

And now, it’s time to showcase another set of food that Octoboy Food Express offers! The shakes and sweets!

octoboy-555Banana Shake– very suitable this summer

octoboy-1another Filipino favorite  flavor of shake, Mango!

The Sweet Hand Rolled Cakes

Another set of desserts available at Octoboy Food Express are Kashi Maki’s from My Pink Wasabi.


octoboy-27a sweet life!


octoboy-28 this variant is Marj’s favorite, Choco Loco! Nutty milk chocolate ganache wrapped with chocolate cake and toasted nuts

After the heavy meals that we had, what usually follows is the Verdict!

Which ones captured our taste glands?

Continue reading to find out!

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