Observance of Undas / All Saints Day When in Manila: Pros and Cons

When in Manila, I can’t help but notice the situation in the cemeteries and memorial parks whenever All Saints Day comes. It’s almost the same thing every year: heavy traffic, trash scattered around the premises of the cemeteries, comfort rooms which are rather uncomfortable, etc. On the other hand, I think Undas is quite better as compared to the previous years. But despite the efforts of authorities to make our cemetery visits most convenient, the situation wouldn’t improve without the public’s full cooperation.





(Photo credit: Inquirer.net)


Peace and Order

– We have observed a more peaceful All Saints Day 2011, thanks to the joint efforts put out by PNP, government agencies and NGOs together with the cooperation of public and media. “A total of 45,000 PNP personnel were deployed in cemeteries while thousands more were conducting checkpoints, foot and mobile patrols and manning motorist assistance points or marshals. Sixteen NGOs and civic groups assisted the PNP while force multipliers (barangay officials) provided additional manpower,” PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz said. Also, a total of 4,825 Police Assistance Centers (PAC) were put up in cemeteries, memorial parks, churches, highways, and other locations nationwide.



(Photo Credit: Aaron Favila/AP)



– There has been a better distribution of crowd going to the cemeteries from the last week of October to the first week of November 2011. A lot of people made their cemetery visits over the weekend.




Traffic Situation in Metro Manila under Control

MMDA has deployed around 1,800 traffic enforcers along Metro Manila to ensure smooth flow of traffic on areas near memorial parks. Also, the traffic rerouting schemes were coordinated early on in preparation for the traffic congestion in key cities of Metro Manila on All Saints Day and All Souls Day 2011.






Trash Problem

– No one is stopping you from bringing food and whatnots in the cemetery. But you should be responsible to dispose your waste properly. More trash cans? How about wrapping your trash properly and keeping it until you find the nearest garbage can? If it’s too much for you, hire someone to clean up after your mess instead. If you’re going to pay respects for the dead, do it wholeheartedly. Don’t leave memorial parks looking like a dumpsite. This goes out to all the vendors too. 




Comfort Rooms

– All broken faucets and toilet bowls need to be cleaned and repaired before All Saints Day so that people would be able to use them properly and avoid longer queues in the CR. And could we request for more pails, tissue papers and tabo with that? Portalets? Sorry but I’d rather hold my pee. And as for the public, please use the comfort rooms properly. Don’t make the situation harder for those next in line.


What are your suggestions in order for us to experience a better All Saints Day and All Souls Day?