Oasis Resort: A Tropical Paradise in Panglao

Aside from Bohol Countryside, Panglao island is getting more tourist attention. Taking pride in their white sand, rich marine life, and exciting island activities, Panglao is surely a must-see when in Bohol. So if you’re planning to visit the City of Friendship, you might want to stay in this tropical paradise in Panglao.


Situated along Alona Beach, Oasis Resort takes pride in their beautiful resort accommodation. The look of the place definitely induces that sweet island relaxation vibe.




Oasis Resort can cater to different types of accommodation needs, from single occupancy to family accommodations. The rooms are equipped with both fan and air conditioning units depending on your needs and budget. The units are beautified by hotel furniture made with mostly bamboo materials to top the tropical resort experience.



They also offer spa and massage services in the resort. The Swedish massage is really nice and perfect after a day of doing island activities. Check out this beautiful spa kiosk in the middle of the resort garden. The alluring facade adds up to the utmost pleasure of the massage.


Room accommodations include daily breakfast buffet per guest. The breakfast dishes are just delicious. They have oatmeal, cereals, yogurt, fruits, crab rice, corned beef, and of coursebacon! With their breakfast buffet, you will definitely go for a heavy breakfast!


They also have a bar and restaurant that connects the resort to the beach side. This is a great place to stay for dinner and drinks at night where Alona beach comes full and alive.



Oasis Restaurant offers different cuisines from their menu. They serve European, American, and Filipino dishes among others. Fulfilling the tropical experience, we tried some dishes from their seafood menu partnered with their fresh fruit juices and fruit shakes.


Here is the Chef Special during our stay: Cheesy Baked Prawns with salad sidings and boiled potatoes.

HyaOasisBohol2Shrimp al Ajillo: stir fried shrimps served with chunks of French bread to soak up the garlic and chili infused olive oil, paired with their yummy fresh mango shake.

HyaOasisBohol9Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak: tuna steak coated with sesame seeds, pan-grilled, served with potato croquettes, vegetable sidings and wasabi-mayonnaise on the side.

HyaOasisBohol10Surf & Turf: tenderloin steak stuffed with shrimps drizzled with olive oil, served with potato croquettes and salad on the side

And, Oo course, what better way to top a hearty tropical dinner with some cold and sweet dessert?

HyaOasisBohol3 Banana Split

HyaOasisBohol11 Frozen Cheesecake

You can ask the reception for tour packages and transfers care of the very accommodating local travel agency, Travel Treats Bohol. Some tours include the classic Countryside tour, firefly watching, dolphin watching, and island hopping.

On your coming trip to Bohol, make sure you stay at this tropical paradise in Panglao for the ultimate island experience.


Oasis Resort Bohol


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