NY Theraspine: The Best Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Clinic in Manila

NY Theraspine: The Best Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Clinic in Manila

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-4

oh no!!!! huhuhuhuhu


Something awful happened to me a few months ago which really affected my work for weeks. Thank God I found the right place and people to help me heal fast. Now that I’m ok, I’ve decided to write about my experience to also help people whose careers (like call center agents, writers, photographers etc) require a lot of typing and/or may be suffering with the same symptoms as what I had.


Here’s my story…..


As you may all know, I work with my hands a lot…… AS IN A LOT!!!

Gordion Hotel Vigan Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila (318 of 393)

I travel every weekend with Frank to take photos, discover places for our  features here on WhenInManila.com
…… every weekend, I have to use and carry my heavy dslr all the time


mae ilagan

Then on weekdays, I do my day job which requires me to work on the computer for more than 9 hours. Aside from that, I also answer loads of emails, write articles, edit photos, post on social media etc.
… just imagine the load of work which my mind and hands have to endure on a daily basis


Then on the day of Christmas Eve….

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-4

my hands became too sore and immovable =(

This experience for me was very traumatic because all my Christmas cooking plans and activities didn’t push through. My right hand was too painful that I found myself crying the whole Christmas vacation. I had a lot of fears in my head during those times, I was scared I might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc…. I was scared I might lose my job and worst of all, I might not be able to take photos again. Nooooooooo!!!!!!

Good thing I remembered having a consultation with NY Theraspine last November 2013 during Blogapalooza. Their Head PT and Manager Sir Pol Haboc gave me some helpful advice about my wrist condition, so I thought it was best to visit them again for a consultation.

3 days after feeling pain, I visited their clinic located along Dr. Lazcano St. near Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-1

I immediately felt relieved when I arrived. I knew I was in the right place


NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-6

I was so glad to see Sir Pol again and appreciated that he personally assessed my condition


After some tests, I was diagnosed with having right wrist and thumb sprain. Sir Pol told me what I had was very common with writers. It was then when I realized I was pushing myself too much (tsk tsk tsk…). I had to admit I’ve been such a workaholic the past years that I forgot to give my hands the rest it needed. I was relieved it wasn’t something serious!

Sir Pol recommended I undergo therapy sessions 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks and follow-up re-evaluation after 4 sessions.


Good thing my left hand was ok, so I was able to take photos while my right hand was receiving therapy. Here’s what they did:


First, they wrapped my hand with Hot Moist Pack then 15mins of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which helped relieve pain and increased blood circulation….

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-8

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): helps relieve pain, increase blood circulation and washes out pain metabolites


Next was a 5 minute Combination Ultrasound around my joints. My Physical Therapist Ms. Ruth told me this was very good for relieving acute  chronic pain and muscle spasms.

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-5

Combination Ultrasound: relieves acute chronic pain and muscle spasms


NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-9

I really enjoyed every therapy session at NY Theraspine. I quickly felt relief after this and the hot pack


Afterwards, Ms. Ruth gently gave me a Soft Tissue Mobilization massage… The experience was so nice!

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-7

I was in good hands!


My first therapy session at NY Theraspine was so successful, that I was able to somehow move my wrist right away. But of course, my hand wasn’t fully healed yet, so I had to give it time to rest for  a couple of days.

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-3

I was advised by Sir Pol not to use or move my wrist for a while, so to be sure, I bought myself a wrist support (around P700). It was very helpful!


After 2 days, the pain dramatically decreased and my right hand was almost recovered but I still went back to NY Theraspine for another therapy session.

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-2

this time, after the Hot Moist Pack, TENS, Combination Ultrasound and soft tissue massage, Ms Ruth, my therapist also gave me some Active Range Of Motion Exercises (AROME) for my wrist….


After only 3 therapy sessions at NY Theraspine, I was finally able to open and close my hands and move my wrist again with ease!

NY Theraspine When in Manila Mae Ilagan-10

I couldn’t believe it healed so fast! Thanks to NY Theraspine!


During those agonizing days, I couldn’t help but reflect on a lot of things. I soooo missed moving my hand, that I told myself I’d go back in playing piano, guitar and even start studying to play drums when I recover! lols

Kidding aside, this experience made me realize 2 very important things….. 

1. I’ve been pushing myself too much! I do enjoy and love what I do but of course, I must take time to rest and set limits as well.

2. I realized how important my hands were in doing daily tasks and that I’m so blessed to be given a pair of normal ones.


After recovering, I’ve decided to let go of some of the typing tasks which contributed a lot of stress which led to my wrist strain last Christmas. I’m back to traveling, taking photos and writing now, but I make sure to rest my body afterwards.

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay When In Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (382 of 397)

photo during my recent trip to Tagaytay…..
… good to know I still got steady hands!


With the help of the wonderful people behind NY Theraspine (special thanks to Sir Pol Haboc, Ms Ruth Castro and Ms. Myra Vergara), I was able to heal sooner than I expected! I’m so satisfied with their service and professionalism!


By the way, if you’re curious on how much I spent during the sessions, the consultation and treatment for my 1st day was around P1,550 (P750 consultation + P800 PT) and the succeeding PT sessions were for P800 each (total of (P3,150). They also offer very affordable packages and  accepts HMOs like Maxicare, Medocare, Intellicare, Asianlife, Coco Life, Avega and General Phil.


So when in Manila and looking for a reliable clinic to help you get rid of any physical pain, there’s really only one name to remember – NY Theraspine!



NY Theraspine

73 G Scout Dr. Lazcano St, Tomas Morato, Q.C.Quezon City, Philippines

contact number:   (02) 375 1035 or 0917.573.58.94

email: nytheraspine@facebook.com

twitter: ny_theraspine

Add them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytheraspine



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NY Theraspine: The Best Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Clinic in Manila