Nutritious Food Can Also Be Delicious, Here’s How You Can Make it at Home

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For some people, nutritious and delicious don’t belong on the same plate. They think vegetables are bland and boring, and would rather chow down on crispy pata, junk food, and chicharon. We get it. Nothing hits like a freshly grilled plate of liempo with extra servings of piping-hot white rice, washed down with an ice-cold soda.

Today, we’re here to remind everyone that healthy food can be delicious, too. We call it “Nutri-Sarap.”

Imagine this: large chunks of kalabasa (squash), crunchy sitaw (green beans), and flavorful malunggay (moringa) swimming in creamy coconut milk and spices. Or pieces of juicy chicken and soft slices of sayote (green papaya) in a broth with the rich aroma of ginger, enjoyed on a rainy evening. And what about a mix of different vegetables simmering in a comforting bowl of soup with galunggong (mackerel scad)?

Adding more vegetables to your diet is not just delicious, accessible, and versatile. They are also good for you.

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You can also level up your vegetable dishes with Knorr. Their portfolio of products amp up the flavor of dishes and are now a source of essential nutrients. For example, Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix Original now contains vitamin C, while the popular Knorr Chicken and Pork Broth Cubes are now sources of iron. Lastly, Knorr Ginataang Gulay Mix is packed with calcium. Now, dishes can be more Nutri-Sarap!

They are a great addition to the pantry, allowing you to create Nutri-Sarap dishes for the family.

If you need proof of how important nutrition is, just take a look at Marc Pingris, Teacher Fe, and Doc Otit.

Pingris is a basketball legend whose 16-year career in the Philippine Basketball Association earned him a spot in the 40 Greatest PBA Players list.

He grew up around Nutri-Sarap vegetables. As a growing boy, he would wake up early in the morning to help carry vegetables for his mom, who was selling them at a palengke (market). He would go to school after, play a bit of basketball when classes were over, then go back to the palengke to assist his mom.

Araw-araw, ganun ang buhay namin noon. Kung wala kang tiyaga at disiplina sa sarili, hindi ka tatagal at hindi ka rin uusad sa buhay, lalo na kung gusto mong maging isang professional basketball player.”

[“That was our life every day. If you don’t have the discipline and perseverance, you wouldn’t last long and progress in life, especially if you want to be a professional basketball player.”]

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He revealed that even if his family faced challenges, his mom would cook Nutri-Sarap dishes. He grew up eating bulanglang, a heart-healthy soup made with different vegetables, made more flavorful with fish and bagoong

Feeling his mom’s love through the dishes she cooks, especially the nutritious ones, is what gave Pingris the strength to achieve his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Today, he counts bulanglang as his comfort food and pre-game meal.

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Doc Otit, the first Tigwahanon Manobo medicine graduate, is “laki sa ginataang gulay” [“grew up eating vegetables in coconut milk”], especially when cooked by his mother, Ama Julieta.

He says, “Malaking tulong sa pagpapalakas ng aking loob, at siyempre ng aking pangangatawan at isipan, ang pagkain ng mga masasarap at masustansyang luto ng aking Ama Julieta.” [“Eating delicious and nutritious dishes prepared by my Ama Julieta helps me build courage and have a strong body and mind.”]

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On the other hand, the multi-awarded educator Teacher Fe grew up eating tinola. She said, “Kasabay ng paghahain ng masustansyang pagkain, ang palaging sinasabi sa amin ni nanay ay ang mag-aral nang mabuti. Nakatatak sa isip ko na bukod sa masustansyang pagkain, ang edukasyon ang isa pang susi para sa magandang kinabukasan.”

[“Besides serving us nutritious food, my mother would always tell us to study hard. It was stamped on my mind that apart from nutritious food, education is a key for a better future.”]

You can follow their lead if you want a healthier future. It all starts in the kitchen.

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