Norton Warns Hunger Games Fans of Cyber Attacks



When In Manila, The Hunger Games book trilogy had taken the world by storm and with the first movie already out in theaters, cyber criminals are once again taking advantage of unsuspecting Hunger Games fans.  And since I’m pretty sure there are a lot of When in Manila readers who really love Hunger Games and most likely scouring the Internet for  information and exclusive sneak peeks, this security warning from Norton is definitely a must know!   


While video tutorials on character Katniss Everdeen’s trendy braid are innocent enough, Norton has found that a variety of searches related to the movies and books are turning up malicious results. Although difficult for the average user to distinguish, these “poisoned” links can instantly infect your computer with viruses, keylogging programs (which allow criminals to monitor your typing) and other software that can wreak havoc on your smartphone, computer or tablet. Ensuing problems can make you feel as though you’re battling against your devices.

 To date, Norton  has seen malicious results related to fans trying to find the copies of the full movie online and also on Suzanne Collins, author of the novels.



Hunger Games virus attack warning

Top search terms that were already seen returning poisoned results include:


·         Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

·         Hunger Games Free Movie Download

·         Hunger Games Full Movie Torrent

Norton expects to see an increase in the number of poisoned search results as anticipation for the movie comes to a boil.  Here are some tips on how users can protect themselves from “Hunger Games” related threats online:


·         Choose your allies carefully – Katniss Everdeen wouldn’t trust the people trying to defeat her, and neither should you. Cybercriminals promise sensational content, such as leaked videos, to lure you into clicking on their poisoned links. Better to get your information from a website you trust, and use the free tool Norton Safe Web Lite to lead you to safe search results.

·         Know how to defend yourself – Online security software from a reputable company will identify malicious links and protect against other unseen threats. Norton 360 allows you to surf online safely and will warn you away from lurking foes.

·         Don’t be tempted by false hope – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Evaluate the information you come across as though it were propaganda from the Capitol – all that glitters isn’t gold so don’t let your curiosity overcome common sense.



This correspondent knows how hard it is not to look up information about something that truly piques your interest but never ever forget that cyber security is a must.  Follow the tips given by Norton above for a safe and enjoyable Hunger Games web surfing experience! 


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