Normali Lifestyle: These Aren’t Your Ordinary Face Shields

I recently wrote an article about fashionable face masks to level up your ‘new normal OOTD’, but I hadn’t found the “perfect” face shield at the time of writing it. While I had found quite a few cool eye shields in the market, it was difficult looking for a comfortable face shield that would actually cover my entire face as needed. And then I discovered Normali Lifestyle.

Normali Lifestyle is a startup brand that was born during quarantine. Lynell Lopez, a former international flight attendant turned businesswoman/franchisor of a food franchise business, decided to venture into an online retail business to provide work for her employees during these difficult times.

As such, it makes sense that her brand provides quality products that Filipinos need the most during these times, as well. Now, this small business is the one providing work for most of their employees and pays for most of their bills.

What I love the most about Normali Lifestyle’s face shields is the fact that they are ultra comfortable and fit around my face just right. I’ve tried face shields in the past (and I’m sure you have, too) that were too big or simply didn’t suit my line of sight well. A lot of the time, they weren’t nice to look at, either.

Normali Lifestyle’s face shields have a minimalistic and ergonomic design that looks GREAT and doesn’t hinder my occasional tasks outside of home in any way. It even comes with a handy box and pouch!

Their cover shield is actually made with polycarbonate material that is anti-fog, scratch resistant, washable, and reusable to keep you protected and stylish at the same time. This full face shield also ensures that it provides super clear vision unlike most of the full face shields in the market right now that make your vision distorted and tend to make you feel dizzy.

Normali Lifestyle provides more than just face shields, too. They also offer air purifiers, as well as LED masks for your skin care needs. In choosing their products, they make sure to find new innovations that will be useful for Filipinos in this time of pandemic with the goal of providing premium and effective yet fairly priced products that are packaged very well. Check out their products today!

Normali Lifestyle


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