Fashionable Face Masks to Level Up Your ‘New Normal’ OOTD

The ‘new normal’ that we are currently living in requires all of us to wear face masks wherever we go, but who says face masks have to be boring? Here are 9 online stores that offer fashionable face masks that can help you level up your OOTD during these trying times and are sure to put a smile on your face!

Fashionable Face Masks to Level Up Your ‘New Normal’ OOTD

9. sarisari_online2013 (@sarisari_online2013)

Sari Sari Online Face Masks

Photo from Sari Sari Online

As a single mom, Maria Regina Magat thought of another way to make an income by selling her personal stuff on Instagram in 2013. After a few months of saving up, she became a buyer/seller and capitalized on new products, including cosmetics, shoes, and preloved bags. Hence, the shop was named sarisari_online2013. “I choose products that are trending online and accessible to my target market,” she shares. Right now, this means essential items like made-to-order turmasks, Comono Hand Sanitizer, and sanitary keys.”

sarisari_online2013 has partnered with Cloth & Stitch, a home-based clothing business specializing in RTWs. They thought of making turmasks (turban and mask) from leftover fabrics in various colors and designs. They also customize face masks with corporate logo and other unique prints and designs. They use different kinds of fabrics that are washable and breathable with affordable prices starting from 70 pesos a set. They also offer wholesale pricing for resellers to extend help to those affected by the pandemic.

8. Sunday’s Classics (@sundays_classics)

Sundays Classics Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Sunday’s Classics

Sunday’s Classics offers a variety of prints and textures that were carefully selected based on their ability to showcase the individuality and personality of the wearer. Despite half of your face being covered, you can express yourself through their diverse set of designs. These budget-friendly masks are perfect for fashionistas who don’t want to splurge on their essentials. Sunday’s Classics also hopes to uplift the spirits of people amidst these bleak circumstances, and provide budget-friendly face masks to fashionistas out there without requiring them to splurge.

7. Masktermind (@masktermind2020)

Masktermind Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Masktermind

Knowing that it would take her a while to finish her clinical requirements due to the pandemic, Char Maligaya came up with an idea to keep herself busy: start an online business. The first products that she sold were Filipino-made washable 3-ply non-woven masks. Now, she offers the following: Washable Basic Nanomasks, V I Z I O N nopeet Inspired Eye Shields, V I Z I O N nopeet Inspired Eye Shields for Trail/Cycling, Disposable Masks, 100% Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and Ear Savers with more products in the pipeline!

I absolutely love their satin masks, which look classy, elegant, and sleek. Masktermind aims to give the masses access to high quality items to the masses by selling the without a minimum order quantity. Their mission is to promote proper hygienic measures, promote Philippine-made products, and lessen the use of disposables.

6. All Things Dainty (@allthingsdaintyph)

All Things Dainty Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from All Things Dainty

All Things Dainty PH was founded by Bianca, a wife and mother of a little girl. The idea of the store was born back in 2014 when Bianca was looking for unique headpieces and lace crowns for her baby daughter’s photoshoot. Since she couldn’t find any locally, she decided to make them instead. After friends showed interested, orders started to stream in, and so did their passion in creating new and unique accessories.

All Things Dainty takes pride in offering bespoke and high quality pieces that are handmade with keen attention to details. “I personally make sure that each handcrafted product passes our stringent quality check with flying colors to make sure that the little girl who will wear it can feel the love that went into making these pieces,” Bianca shares. “We make our products as if our own child will be using it.” My daughter loves their products, too – especially the fact that we can be all matchy-matchy (even if she doesn’t actually leave the house).

All Things Dainty draws inspiration from what Bianca’s daughter currently likes, like princesses, unicorns, and mermaids. They also get a lot of design ideas from clients who want customized pieces. As long as it is aligned with their brand, they reproduce them for other clients to enjoy. Their mission is to give parents a feeling of satisfaction that they have given their children the best accessory/dress in terms of design and quality. Well, mission accomplished! 🙂

5. Mykefrancis (@mykefrancis)

Myke Francis Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Mykefrancis

When his opportunities as a television set and events designer were put on hold due to the pandemic, Mykefrancis found a new avenue to get extra creative. “I had to think fast to earn a living and find a way to put my creative energy to good use,” he shares.

His aesthetic is all about self-expression. He started with neoprene masks with patches and eventually moved to lace, cords, chains, and safety pins. He even tried origami and tufted/embossed stitching. All of his masks are quirky and unique; so if you want to stand out and be different, his unique and fun creations would be great choices for you.

4. BES (@bes_ph)

BES Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from BES

BES was originally the acronym of Grace’s business in Quiapo, BES Electronic Solutions. When their business operations got disrupted, her husband thought of an alternative: Basic Essential Supplies. Pasok pa rin yung BES! I love it! They started by selling washable masks, PPEs, and thermometers, and eventually added other essentials for the home, babies, work, studies, and traveling.

BES aims to offer affordable, practical, and (if possible) multi-purpose products. Having seen the opportunities for bikers in the new normal, they decided to sell this multi-wear headbuff that is perfect for every biker! I’m actually a biker myself and I love the many different ways you can wear it. I had planned on posting a photo of me wearing it at first, but then figured you have to see all of the options. I mean… it’s like having 16 different products in 1!

3. Bibsisita (@bibsisita)

Bibsisita Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Bibsisita

Bibsisita started selling pillows at bazaars in 2015 before expanding their products to bags, framed artworks, and masks. This October, they will be launching a T-shirt collection, as well. Made in Alicia, Isabela; Bibsisita is a homegrown brand that takes Filipino-themed artworks and turns them into functional everyday items. Their mission is to weave the Filipino narrative into our homes and fill our spaces with warmth.

Nurtured with love and compassion, Bibsisita wants to produce art that captures the small moments of the Filipino people. With family at the center, their products are proof of love. Whether at home, with loved ones, or in solitude; their artworks are created to share the feeling of home. “We just love anything colorful and functional with a touch of Filipino culture and values,” they add. When you see their artworks, you will definitely feel that connection of happiness, love, and home. Tried and tested!

2. Myuza Craft Collection (@myuzacraft)

Myuza Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Myuza Craft Collection

Frances De Los Santos Peña is a Bicolana by blood. Having grown up and spent her summer vacations in the province, it has become her motivation to help her fellow Bicolanos in any way that she can. Myuza started with that dream. The name of the brand comes from abaca’s scientific name Musa (pronounced as myuza) Textilis. “This year, I was determined to start a new business that promotes eco-friendly and Philippine-made products,” Frances shares. “The current situation has given me the opportunity to pursue that dream. The shortage of masks in the market earlier this year inspired me to look for an alternative local supply. Fortunately, Bicol is the no. 1 producer of abaca which is used as a raw material in making PPE.”

Abaca is a leaf fiber and is also known as the world’s strongest natural fiber. It has natural filtration properties and is generally hypoallergenic. It is also known to have lower water absorption. This is why abaca is an important raw material in making face masks and other related medical supplies. Apparently, abaca face masks are seven times more effective than cloth masks.

Frances specifically chose abaca as the main material of her products because it promotes the use of eco-friendly products, and its production provides and supports the livelihood for the local communities in Bicol. “It goes with our mission to provide sustainable livelihood by promoting the use of eco-friendly products showcasing the skills and talents of our crafters in Bicol by incorporating contemporary and unconventional designs for abaca products,” she explains.

1. Amen (@amen_ph)

Amen Fashionable Face Masks

Photo from Amen

Amen is all about empowering women to see themselves through God’s eyes. “Insecurities and negative mindsets about one’s self are the roadblocks to the life that we want – a life of helping others and of passion,” says Kyna. “Personally, when I saw myself through God’s eyes… when I saw the truth about myself… when I saw that I was beautiful, purposeful, victorious, and loved; amazing things started to happen! And that’s what we want to do for women.”

Amen’s masks have various benefits. They are intricately made, offer quad layer protection, pass the four crucial safety mask test as per The Masq Collection Standard, come with 30 PureMasq filters, and are made with pure love. Kyna believes that empowered women empower people. This is why for every piece that they sell, they give a portion to marginalized individuals in the Philippines that they have personally met in the past.

When it comes to their designs, Kyna shares: “When we look at the people we meet, we notice that no one person is the same. We see people that are very different and unique in their ideas, strengths, personalities, feelings — such a reflection of a unique design. Only wonderfully made pieces for wonderfully made women!”

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