Nomads BBQ + Refuge: Redefining Street Food

The crave-worthy flavors of Taiwanese night markets are now right within your reach.

Seen in the photo: Make Your Own Mongolian Bowl Buffet

Seen in the photo: Make Your Own Mongolian Bowl Buffet

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one can’t help but dream to drive out of the city – even just for a day – to unwind, and get a taste of something different. Nomads BBQ + Refuge does just that, taking you to a flavorful trip around Asia, starting at the lively night markets of Taiwan.

Nomads - Entrance

Nomads BBQ + Refuge, an Asian street food restaurant, is a concept built by four good friends, who were able to create their own little version of a Taiwanese street market in the heart of Jupiter Street, Makati. The menu and concept was born out of a four-night trip to Taiwan, where the friends paid visits to a number of night markets, upscale restaurants, and the first-ever Mongolian Barbecue restaurant.

A current crowd favorite at Nomads BBQ + Refuge is their Taiwanese Chicken Popcorn (Php 195), a generous serving of crisp and juicy bites of chicken, dressed in rich herbs and spices that give it that addictive kick – a good pair to an ol’ bottle of beer — or better yet, with their signature cocktails and drinks that will take you places.

In the photo: Asian Street Balls, Taiwanese Chicken Popcorn, Make Your Own Mongolian Bowls

Seen in the photo: Asian Street Balls, Taiwanese Chicken Popcorn, Make Your Own Mongolian Bowls

Apart from beer from all over Asia, we highly recommend the San Juan Sour (Php250), a concoction of San Juan Lambanog, Calamansi Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, topped with fresh egg white foam. For those looking for something on the sweet side, try Boba Fetish (Php240), Nomads’ spin on the ever-popular milk tea. It is a mix of San Juan Lambanog, Matcha soy milk, mango juice, with a handful of vodka-infused dark pearls.

What’s admirable about this restaurant is its consciousness to keep the food as authentic and homemade as possible, allowing them to give edge to the simplest of dishes. I wouldn’t imagine heading downtown to Makati for a bowl of street balls, or quail eggs; but Nomads give these dishes a tempting twist: homemade peanut sauce to complement your order of Asian Street Balls (a good mix of crab, lobster, shrimp, and beef)(Php160), and their mention-worthy homemade sriracha salt that comes with their Tea-Infused Quail Eggs (Php160), making it the comfort food to try.

Seen in the photo: Preparing our own Mongolian Bowl

Seen in the photo: Preparing our own Mongolian Bowl before handing it over to Chef Alex to do her magic!

No trip to a night market would be complete without a hefty serving of something warm and filling, and a big Mongolian Bowl hits the spot. Influenced by its origins that root back to the very first Mongolian Barbecue restaurant in Taiwan, Nomads BBQ + Refuge adds variety and flavors to choose from, when creating your own Mongolian Bowl (Php 295). With all kinds of meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, and sauces to taste, all we can say is: put as plenty of everything that catches your eye! Topping your Mongolian Bowl with egg is always a good idea. Lots of sauce, too.

As if a bowl wasn’t enough, you can fill your tummy to your heart’s content with their eat-all-you-can Mongolian Bowls for Php 555 – a perfect opportunity to try out all the blends of sauces, meat, and veggies in their arsenal.

Nomads - Tinutong Ice Cream

End your meal on a high note by trying something new. Nomads is also the proud home of the first place (that we know of) that made Tinutong Rice Ice Cream happen! Topped with peanut brittle, and embraced by a golden, deep-fried lumpia wrapper, the Tinutong Rice Ice Cream (Php150) is something worth-trying when stopping by Nomads.

Seen in the photo: Hainanese Chicken, Asian Street Balls, Taiwanese Chicken Popcorn

Seen in the photo: Hainanese Rice Stuffed Chicken Wings, Asian Street Balls, Taiwanese Chicken Popcorn

The balance of flavors in each dish and drink is also commendable. Apart from having a variety of menu items that cater to the different taste preferences (where they even went so far as having a spicy drink called Dragonita that really packs a punch!), the food is consistently crafted with much care and thought, that it redefines your concept of street food. What we’re much excited for is the official release of two new menu items, their Hainanese Rice Stuffed Chicken Wings, and our personal favorite, the Braised Pork Belly Bao with Crispy Pork Skin.

Nomads - Braised Pork Belly Bao

One can’t help but be entranced by the sweetness of the pork, and the saltiness of the pork skin. It’s the audible CRUNCH in every bite that has you reeling in for more. Tucked inside the soft, warm buns is a fresh, homemade pickle that elevates the dish, giving freshness and elegance to a Bao you’d love to get messy with. We can easily foresee these becoming the all-new crowd favorites!

Nomads - Bar

While we’re still hoping for them to open for lunch very soon, they’re open every 5pm to 2am for you to #SeekRefugeHere and unwind after a long day’s work.

Nomads BBQ + Refuge

Mon-Sat: 5pm – 2am

Ground Floor, Valdelcon Building, 20 Jupiter Corner Antares Street, Bel-Air, Makati City, 1209 Makati, Philippines


Instagram: @nomadsbbqrefuge