“No Road Diggings from December 14 – January 3” – MMDA

One obvious Filipino trait is being hospitable and generous, regardless of the occasion. Moreover, once the ‘BER months start, expect heavier traffic in the metro, as the mall hours are extended to accommodate more people. However, it has been an old strategy for road developers to conduct road widening or excavation projects every time people are on break or holidays. Hence, traffic is horrendous.

EDSA is always traffic. Regardless.

Fortunately, MMDA or The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will implement “no road diggings” this yuletide season!

According to MMDA’s Official Twitter account, in anticipation of the traffic buildup this season, MMDA will implement a three-week moratorium on road diggings and excavations on major streets of the Metropolis starting December 14.

It was also stated in one of the reports, that the said announcement was done during the Metro Manila Council (MMC) meeting, yesterday, December 1, 2015.

Furthermore, Director Noemi Recio of MMDA Traffic Engineering Center hopes, that with this moratorium will somehow ease the traffic in Metro Manila.

However, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Expressway project and the Skyway Project 3 road works are exempted as they are considered as flagship projects of the national government.

What can you about this implementation?


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