No Budget for A Fancy Valentine’s Get-Away? This Beach Near Manila is Perfect for Some Alone Time

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching and for those who want to impress their S.O. or most recent Tinder meet-up with their sense of wanderlust and adventure should seriously consider Real, Quezon as a destination for the pre or post V-day weekend.


Only 3 hours away from Manila via bus or car, Real can either be reached through the South, cutting through Laguna and hitting Famy, or the East, cutting through Antipolo and Rizal and then hitting Famy.


From Famy, you’re practically an hour away. If you do plan on taking the bus, take the Raymond (at Pasay) bus line that’s destined for Infanta. Get off at Tignoan and take a trike from there to the resort of your choice. Bus fare usually ranges from Php 180-190 per person for an air-conditioned trip.


Once at Real, you have a number of options. For those wanting to save, try Magra Resort (Php 10 trike ride from the bridge/ bus drop-off point). Entrance is Php 75 and has become known as a surfing destination for its waves. It has two coves, one for surfing; the other, more private perfect for some alone time.


They are open for camping and have “glamping” options for Php 1,000 per night for a huge tent with two beds, a fan and a light bulb.


If you want some place more Instagrammable, the hip Real Surf is also a campsite and has a number of picturesque hunts you can rent for the day or overnight. For those who want air-conditioned rooms and a pool, right beside is Real Coast, the newest resort in Real.


But if you do happen to have your own ride, traverse the coast of Real and you’ll be surprised to find some breathtaking sights that will make you want to stay a while longer.


Photos by: Francesca Soriano Flores

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