LOOK: The Next Captain America Will Be a Filipino-American

Marvel will be debuting a new Captain America this September and OMG. She’s a Filipino-American!

Ari Agbayani is the fourth rural Captain America taking up the mantle as a hero in their local community. In United States of Captain America #4, this is Ari’s private university campus. There, she gets called for duty when her friend gets abused by a rich student that authorities won’t prosecute.

In the announcement, writer Alyssa Wong explains, “Like the other Caps, Ari has a strong sense of justice and admires the ideals Captain America embodies.” However, this version of Captain America isn’t based on Steve Rogers, but rather on Bucky Barnes (more famously known to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans as Winter Soldier, but who served as Captain America from 2007 to 2011), who isn’t afraid to use sneaker and shadier tactics to deal with bullies. Bucky’s influence can be seen in Ari’s costume, which was designed Jodi Nishijima.

United States of Captain America #4 (of 5) is set to go on sale on September 22, 2021.

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