Newly Weds Mariel, Toni and Bianca Talk About Love, Sex and Chocolates on Tonight with Boy Abunda

Ex PBB hosts and even housemates Mariel Rodriguez- Padilla, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Bianca Gonzales-Intal are reunited once again to talk about what it’s like with their new “hyphened last names” and the men behind them. The newly weds share random facts about themselves with celebrated host Boy Abunda on his show in Abs-cbn “Tonight with Boy Abunda” or “TWBA”

Sharing who likes to cook, and other tiny facts about each other on TWBA’s segment “Fast Talk” wherein they were required to answer quickly coming up with the first thoughts in their head for beautiful candid live television, showing how close they grew with each other through the years. The show then elevated in excitement when asked marriage and sex questions from their husbands themselves.

Tonight with Boy Abunda airs weeknights at 10:45pm to 11:15pm on ABS-CBN.

What a wonderful treat to all the adult viewers of this show!

What was the funniest part of this segment? Share them with us! Haha!