New Philippine Food Tasting “Ultimate Taste Test” Event part 1

The “Ultimate Taste Test” is the best way to discover brand new recipes and emerging culinary masters in the Philippines. It’s an event that’s set up by “Our Awesome Planet” author Anton Diaz and his team.

The Ultimate Taste Test invites new chefs, bakers, cooks and food enthusiasts to either cook or taste some new concoctions and recipes that aren’t available to the public yet.

If you’re an emerging cook, then you bring what you have for the public, all 300 invitees, to taste, try and then comment on. If you’re a foodie, or a food connoisseur, then you come with an appetite and a pen, to critique, comment and judge over 30 new yummy treats.

Thanks to as they personally invited to this amazing event! Harold and I were stuffed out of our minds with great yummy food like the Cookie Monster Cheesecake by Margie of The Symphony of Flavors or the awesome Mango Lavender Jams at The Fruit Garden and more!

Anywayz, When In Manila, do check out to see when the next Ultimate Taste Test will happen! Be sure to come with your appetite and a pen!

P.S. Check out episode 2 next week where we try more goodies like Chocolate Bacon…. (YES, you heard me right… CHOCOLATE BACON!!!!) – Ultimate Taste Test episode 2 here

Company Name / Stall: Cramly Cravings
New Food: Chicken Ham w/ Pineapple Sauce
Contact Person: Christina
Phone Number: 0917 810 9228 or 0922 885 5562
Type of Food: Main Course
Company Name / Stall: Happy Cream Puff
New Food: Cream Puffed Pastry Desserts
Contact Person: Maria Cecilia Yamagishi
Phone Number: 0921 818 7626
Type of Food: Dessert
Address:  2 stores
Happy Cream Puff
Makati Branch
The Zone
7224 Malugay Strett
Corner Buendia, Bel Air
Makati City, Philippines
Phone Number: 707 1263
Happy Cream Puff
Legaspi Village Branch
Unit G-16 Rada Regency, Rada Corner
Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines
Phone Number: 512 3625
Company Name / Stall : Chef Toby’s
New Food: Green Goddess Gourmet Dip, Asian Pesto etc…
Type of Food: Salad Dressing / Gourmet Dips
Contact Person: Chef Toby
Company Name / Stall : The Fruit Garden
New Food: Fresh Fruit Jams (Mango Ginger Jam, Mango Lavender Jam etc)
Type of Food: Snacks / Desserts / Jams
Contact Person: Pierre Marmonier & Andrea Marmonier
Phone Number: 0920 945 3565 or 0920 982 7595
Email: or
Company Name / Stall : Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop
New Food: Cookie Monster Cheesecake
Type of Food: Dessert
Contact Person: David  / Margie Doreen Tan-Caw
Phone Number: 0922 717 3737 or 638 4251 or 5633029

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Ultimate Taste Test Phillipine Filipino Food Tasting Event wheninmanila (1)

Cookie Monster Cheesecakes, Mango Lavender Jams, Happy Cream Puffs and oh so many more goodies at the “Ultimate Taste Test!”

Ultimate Taste Test episode 2 here