New High-Performance Watch Incorporates Graphic Elements from A Z Race Car

What happens when two creative companies collaborate? You’re right; the outcome could be a global masterpiece. Just like Casio and Nissan are two renowned brands with a reputation for their creative and innovative designs.

Casio is known for its timeless and elegant designs in its line of high-performance watches. At the same time, Nissan is famous for its extraordinary designs in its range of race cars, especially in the NISMO works team. Recently, the two brands joined forces to create the NISMO MY23 EDITION watch, which incorporates graphic elements from the #23 Nissan Z race car. This collaboration showcases the creativity of both brands and how they can come together to produce a unique and high-performance timepiece.

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The NISMO MY23 EDITION is a high-performance chronograph that incorporates design elements from the NISMO works team’s race car, such as a two-tone shift from red to black, a graphic pattern interlacing with the “Z” logo on the dial’s upper half, and the number of the Nissan/NISMO race car, “23,” at the 23-minute position. The watch is based on the EDIFICE ECB-2000, which has a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and a unique race car suspension-inspired design.


Photo by PR Newswire

The EDIFICE line of high-performance timepieces has been a NISMO supporter since 2021, and the two brands share a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology in pursuit of ultimate performance. As natural allies, Casio and NISMO will continue to push boundaries in the world of motorsports.

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The release of the NISMO MY23 EDITION watch is a testament to the ingenuity of both Casio and Nissan. The incorporation of design elements from the Nissan Z race car into the watch’s design is a perfect example of how creativity can lead to extraordinary results. As both brands continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in their respective fields, it is exciting to see what other collaborations they will come up with in the future. With the NISMO MY23 EDITION, the two brands have created a timepiece that is both high-performance and a symbol of the power of innovation and creativity.
For more information about the NISMO MY23 EDITION, visit Casio’s official website.