New Diet for a New You: Post-Holiday Paleo Diet from Slimmers Choice

When in Manila, one of things most of us got this Christmas is… FAT. We got fat. And that signals a new diet on the way. I personally think that committing to a certain is hard to pull-off especially if you’re busy and don’t have the time and dedication to search or whip up recipes. That’s why most people sign-for diet delivery services!


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Protein source of the day.


One of the best things about diet delivery services is that they adjust the portions and menu choices according to your personal fitness goals. Lately, diet delivery companies have also added different kinds of diets, and Slimmers Choice has taken the bold move as well by serving dishes according to the paleo diet.


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The Paleo Diet a.k.a The Caveman’s diet is diet perfect for the meat lover and post-holiday eating. This diet won’t make you miss meat and it will fill you up with the lean proteins, fruits, veggies and healthy fats your body needs. 


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I love Slimmers Choice Paleo Diet since everything is so tasty (especially this arroz ala cubana below) and fulfilling. I don’t fell hungry after eating these healthy dishes and that’s how a great diet should be–healthy and filling!


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 slimmers choice slimmers choice

Order your paleo diet from Slimmers Choice today!

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New Diet for a New You: Post-Holiday Paleo Diet from Slimmers Choice


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