To New Beginnings: Here is Your Horoscope for the Year 2020!

Graphics by Gwyneth Sy

Here we are, finally in the year 2020. There is big energy this year, especially as we approach this new decade. Stars are shining, energies are high, positivity abounds. And for some signs, romance is in the air, too! But for all the signs, this is a good time to start—may it be a project, a new job, or even a new dream. New years always bring that hopefulness of new beginnings anyway, and this one’s a new decade to boot. Like we said, big, beautiful energy.

Find out what the stars have in store for your sign this year. This is your horoscope for the year 2o20!

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Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)


Chin up, Capricorn! You are now entering what is possibly one of the periods of your life. After a challenging 2019, you are now stepping into a year that is full of opportunities and positive energy. This will be an extraordinary year for you. That life you have been dreaming of the past years of your life, this is the year to finally start living it. And the stars on your side. Just don’t forget that, as always, luck can only bring you so far. It is still up to you to do the work. But there is a lot of growth involved in this process, and by the end of this year, you will come out only stronger, wiser, and more confident. Are you ready?

Money and Career: If you’re at a comfortable place in your career right now or you’re at least satisfied with where you’re at then that’s good as your career will stay neutral throughout the year. There won’t be any big changes, but the good news is there at least won’t be any bad ones either! When it comes to money, whatever positive experience you’ve had in this aspect in 2019 will continue on this 2020, so don’t sweat it! Although it would be wise to pay attention to how you spend—and receive—your money, and keep nurturing it where it counts.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)


There’s big energy in your sign this year, Aquarius, and that means you also have a big, powerful year ahead of you! There will also be a lot of changes in store for you in 2020. And though you might be pushed out of your comfort zone because of these changes, know that the stars are on your side and these are blessings in disguise. So when you’re feeling pushed to the limit, remember this—this is your luck working out for you, even though it won’t always feel like it. Trust in the process. After all, you have always been quite the adventurer. Think of these changes as just another adventure in your book.

Money and Career: There will be a lot of opportunities to learn and grow this year, Aquarius. You will meet more people and extend your network, which will, in turn, open new exciting doors for you. Because of this, you will feel more confident in what you do, which will result in more opportunities. And when the career, work, or business is good, you know what follows—money. So just keep on hustling!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)


Pisces babies who have been in the search for romance will be very happy to hear—this is your year for love, dear Pisces. There is a big possibility of starting a romantic relationship, although as it often happens, you often don’t see love coming. And you shouldn’t wait around for it anyway. Love is never late and only happens when it’s meant to, so whether you do fall in love this year (and be loved back) or not, remember that your worth is the totality of your life and all your relationships, not just the romantic one. In general, you can also be a bit impulsive and aggressive, and as an effect you might hurt some people this year although you mean no harm. Avoid this by always taking a quick breath before you react and think twice before you speak.

Money and Career: The past few years of your life, workwise, have not been easy, but those goals that you have been working towards will all come into fruition this year as you become more confident in what you do and as you begin to be willing to take more risks. Hard work and dedication are vital but these are the qualities that will help you achieve not only satisfaction in your career but financial gain as well.

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)


Has there been an idea, whether creative or professional, that’s been in your mind the past year? Well, this is the year for you to take that leap, Aries. There is an increase in energy this year and it will be to your benefit if you have that courage and take a leap. The highlight of this year will be on your professional life, and though that might demand more time and effort from your end, the benefits you will reap will also be positive. A lot of this will also be achieved through your relationships with other people, both personal and professional, so don’t forget to also pay better attention to the people around you.

Money and Career: The year 2020 is also the year where you realize you need to develop a better discipline when it comes to handling your money. You are seeking more security, and tensions surrounding finances at home and in your personal life make the situation only more stressful. But just keep on keeping on, Aries. And by the end of the year, you’ll find that things have improved. You might also face some issues at work, possibly with some colleagues, but always remember that it is the way that you react to things that determine who you are. Everything is a blessing in disguise for nothing is a coincidence, and you can rise above anything if you really want to. You got this, Aries.

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)


Taurus, baby, this year is looking to be a very good year for you. Love, family, home—these are the top three things that are in focus this year 2020, and though this is not to say that the year will be without some challenges, know that the bad days are behind you and there is nothing now that you can’t conquer with your new heart. You grew so much in 2019—you know this—and you are entering 2020 with all these lessons you have learned. You are a better person than you were before, and you should be very proud of yourself. You have come so far.

Money and Career: This year is also a good year for money and career, Taurus. Those of you who have been working hard to build a more secure financial ground can see this trend continue throughout 2020, and with even greater ease than ever before. You will find that more opportunities for generating income and acquiring financial gains here and there will also be a trend for 2020. Good for you! Just remember to keep the discipline, not just with managing your finances but also with how you manage work. All those habits in the past that did not work? It’s 2020, dear Taurus. Throw those out the window and step into this year bigger, bolder, and wiser.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun. 20)


This year, you are being called upon to take a closer look at your life and what aspects of it need building or repairing, Gemini. You could have a lot of luck this year, but that will depend if you know how to look at life with a silver lining and jump on opportunities as you see them. Because, really, sometimes we create our own luck. We all have the capability to.

You will be meeting a lot of people this year, but not it’s not likely that you will get along with all of them. You are prone to getting into conflicts with people this year, including with the ones close to you. Thus you need patience, lots of it, especially on periods of retrograde this year where it affects our communication with other people. But that’s the challenge, exactly. Handle these situations with grace, kindness, and love, and your relationships with other people will be better than ever.

Money and Career: You are feeling more independent this year, Gemini. The road to achieving the financial stability you desire might not be seamless, and you should also be ready to take a hit, should they happen. Always have a back-up ready. But with your continued determination and hard work, know that efforts will still prevail in the end, and whatever you lost you will gain back and more.

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