Netizens Say This Magic Broom Is Better Than the Traditional “Walis”

Our traditional broom is so iconic and functional that a lot of Filipinos abroad can’t help but bring it with them as they move away. Even I can’t imagine having to use any other broom than the traditional one.

But with almost anything available through online shopping, it seems that a lot of people have discovered a new type of broom that might be better than our classic “walis”.

magic broom

Photo from Shopee

This silicon magic broom actually works just like a glass wiper. It has a silicon end that allows you to scrape dirt, dust, and even stray hairs from the floor. And just like that, it solved the problem of the traditional walis leaving behind particles and stray hairs when we clean.

It also works as an easy cleaning tool for wet surfaces—great for cleaning up spills.

For less than a hundred pesos on Shopee, it’s probably worth a try!

Buy this magic broom here!

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