Netizen Shares Alleged Source of “Large-Scale Data Leak”

Whether we like it or not, we are flourishing and being invaded with technology. Through this innovative concept, our lives got easier and everything was convenient. Unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility.

Recently, voters’ data were hacked and apparently exposed to everyone.

comelec data leakage

Many citizens were appalled and worried at the same time. However, one netizen shared on his Facebook account a screenshot of an alleged source who was responsible for seeding the Internet with private information of registered voters.


Source: Marnie Tonson

Tonson captioned the photo with:

Now WHO’s the IDIOT from Malacañang SEEDING the internet with the private information of registered voters from the #COMELEAK large-scale data breach??

N.b., for non-Filipino readers of this status post, Malacañan Palace is where the President of the Republic of the Philippines resides and holds office.

Vote-Counting Machines are ‘7 times faster’ says Smartmatic

Smartmatic is a technology solutions provider that helps government fulfill the needs of the citizens. According to Tribune and other publications, the technology provider, Smartmatic, vowed that the new-vote counting machines are ‘7 times faster’ than the machines used in the previous elections.

Furthermore, the optical mark reader machines are proven to be better than the first two automated elections in 2010 and 2013.

The said machine has the following upgraded functions:

  • larger memory
  • faster processor speeds
  • internal battery
  • RAM is 32 times bigger than 2012 and 2013
  • external memory capacity is 52 times larger
  • has the ability to detect stain and dirt inside the system and send an alert to the Board of Election Inspectors

Smartmatic Faster PCOS

However, as the old saying goes, “no such thing as perfect.” Especially, if the machines or technology to be used is for government purposes such as elections.

Hopefully, the system will eradicate fraud and safeguard Filipinos’ integrity.

Do you think these machines are sufficient enough to provide clean elections this May 9?

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