Website Claims Posession Of Voters’ Sensitive Data

Just a month after reports surfaced that a hacker group called Lulzsec Pilipinas claimed to possess Comelec’s leaked voter database — which includes sensitive data of 70 million voters such as full name, complete address, and passport number, a website claimed it carried the information and made it available for public access.

The website created a search engine with three boxes asking for one’s first, middle, and last name, which would pull up choices listed under the name.

The site also credited Lulzsec Pilipinas, who first leaked the data.

Briane Paul Samson, a professor at the De La Salle University College of Computer Studies, enjoined netizens to stop sharing the link to the leaked data to mitigate further harm:

People, especially my students, please stop sharing the link to the leaked COMELEC data. Help bring it down by reporting abuse here:

and here:

I am referring to the link that went viral today and is still being shared by some people in my news feed. Help spread the word.

[TO BE CONFIRMED] You are liable to the cyber crime law if you share the link.

Anything else to add to this story? Please warn your loved ones.


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