NETFLIX AND CHILL: This Creamier Than Ever Ice Cream is Perfect for K-Drama Marathons

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One thing we love about Netflix is that it never runs out of content. You can be halfway through a series and the platform has just launched more titles for you to watch. Or you can finish a movie and see a list of similar recommendations as the credits roll. Lately, we’ve been binging K-dramas such as Vincenzo, Law School, and rewatches of faves like Start-Up and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

And what’s the best partner for a K-drama marathon? For us, it’s ice cream! We like it because it’s delicious and totally not messy to eat, especially when it comes to tense or nakakakilig scenes.

One of our faves is Selecta and its creamiest-ever Bestsellers range. With added milk fat, it’s creamier and milkier than ever before. While discussing the flavors, we noticed how each one fits a certain K-drama.

Here’s our guide on our best pairing to binge watch and eat:

Coffee Crumble x While You Were Sleeping

selecta coffeecrumble

Coffee Crumble is a perfect choice for those who can’t start their day without a hot cup of joe. Or who always has iced coffee when they go out. Selecta’s version uses Monk’s Blend Coffee folded with chocolate chips and cashew nuts.

K-drama to pair: While You Were Sleeping. Suzy Bae’s bubbly and positive personality is perfect for this ice cream because everything is better after coffee.

Cookies and Cream x Boys Over Flowers

selecta cookiesandcream

Cookies and Cream is that perfect balance between rich and light flavors. Selecta uses Creamy vanilla ice cream, blended with chunks of cream-filled chocolate cookies.

K-drama to pair: Since this flavor is a classic, we want to do a throwback and recommend Boys Over Flowers.

Choco Almond Fudge x True Beauty

selecta chocoalmondfudge

This is truly a decadent flavor. Imagine getting indulgent chocolate ice cream, perfectly-roasted almonds, and fudgy brownies in just one ice cream variant. You never know what you’re going to get in each bite!

K-drama to pair: Chocolate, almonds, and brownies make the perfect combination, so we suggest going for the kilig moments of Cha Eun-woo in True Beauty.

Double Dutch x Reply 1988

selecta double dutch

Double Dutch is a classic favorite. After all, this flavor has French vanilla ice cream generously loaded with cashews, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

K-drama to pair: A family favorite just like Reply 1988.

Quezo Real x Hwarang or Penthouse

selecta quezo real

Quezo Real may not be for everyone but those who love this flavor (us included) know how delicious this is. It also reminds us of the ice cream we loved eating when we were kids!

K-drama to pair: Since it’s not for everyone, we recommend similar K-dramas that are definitely worth checking out. Hwarang is one. Another is Penthouse, which is also edgy and different.

Rocky Road x Crash Landing on You

selecta rockyroad

Rocky Road is another classic flavor. Selecta’s has Rich chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and peanuts. It’s another nostalgic flavor that reminds us of our childhood!

K-drama to pair: Simple. The very popular Crash Landing on You. The way Yoon Se-ri crashes into North Korea is like rocky road. Get it? Hehe.

The K-dramas are just our recommendations and you may not agree with them. But we’re sure a lot of you know that ice cream is a great partner for Netflix marathons. Try out Selecta’s Bestsellers range!

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