Need a Lasting Lash Lift without Harmful Chemicals?

Last year, I wrote about my satisfying 3D Eyebrow Microblading experience with Strokes Premier.  This year, they are launching their own premium keratin lash lift treatment called KeraLift under the Strokes Professionnel.

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KeraLift is a breakthrough product that has entirely changed the way lashes are worn and perceived. Boasting of only natural ingredients, KeraLift is guaranteed free of thioglycolic acid (corrosive perm chemical) and promises frizz-free lashes that should last you 6-8 weeks.

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How does it differ from other keratin lash lifts?

Compared with the other popular keratin lash lift brands, the KeraLift by Strokes Professionnel uses only natural ingredients to prevent eye irritation. Since it’s all natural, the procedure though takes much longer (around an hour), but rest assured that you’ll feel safe, comfy and pampered all throughout the process. It follows more steps as your lashes are given serums and vitamins to make your lashes more healthy. Furthermore, the price for a KeraLift treatment is only P2,500 – 50% less than others.

Here are some before and after photos from my KeraLift by Strokes Professionnel experience.

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4 weeks after my KeraLift treatment, my lashes are still perfectly lifted despite frequently scratching my eyes. No more need for me to use lash curlers. Will definitely do this again after 2 months!

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lashes still up ever after over a month

With KeraLift by Strokes Professionnel, you get a treatment that’s all natural, lasts for 6-8 weeks (like other brands) with a price that’s more affordable too!

Visit Strokes Premier’s official Facebook page for more details