Kilay Chronicles: From No Kilay to Kilay On Fleek Thanks to Keighty Wong & Strokes Premier

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I’m the kind of girl who hardly wears make-up. Let’s just say, I’m one of those who are confident enough and don’t really mind what other people think (well, generally). Whenever I go out, I usually just apply powder, lippie, and eyebrow tattoo liner. I have one major insecurity though… my kilay. You see, I’ve always been conscious of my eyebrows because they are so out of shape, so I end up spending extra minutes in the mirror shading and shaping my brows with a liquid tattoo liner. To be honest, I really suck at drawing eyebrows, so I end up feeling frustrated. Sometimes, I even get comments from friends saying, “Uy, ang taas ng kilay mo today ah!” or “Sobrang itim ng kilay mo. Galit ka ba?” Despite all the teasing and bullying, I still did my best to practice drawing my brows.

Though I have heard quite a  lot of raves about 3D Microblading, still at the back of my head, I was too afraid to take that risk due to the ff reasons:

  1. I never had a tattoo before, so I thought it was gonna be painful
  2. I always thought I had the worst eyebrows and that it can NEVER be fixed
  3. I have major trust issues, so I was afraid my brows may end up like a kontrabida or look like a drag queen forever!
  4. I may be allergic to it and may regret after
  5. It’s quite expensive, so I’m too afraid to take the risk.


It was not until fellow blogger Aisa Ipac, recommended me to Strokes Premier (located at Ayala Vertis North) where I seriously started thinking about finally fixing my brows. The reason why I said yes to her recommendation was that she’s one of those fashion/beauty bloggers whom I find credible. I also saw the work that Strokes Premier did to her, and found it nice.

So yeah, about over 2 months ago, I went to Strokes Premier at Ayala Vertis North (beside Trinoma Mall) and met Kilay Expert Keighty Wong and their team.

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 34 of 40

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 1 of 40

here are the rates

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 2 of 40

Just had to take 1 last photo before my kilay makeover.

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 3 of 40

This is it!!

I was then called in the room where Keighty and her team started measuring and drawing lines and points to know where my brows should be placed. I must admit that I felt super nervous because it was so different from how I’d draw mine every day. I felt so praning that time, I wanted to run away. lols

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 6 of 40

waiting for the anaesthesia to take effect

After a while, when their team of experts all agreed it was perfectly symmetrical, they applied topical anaesthesia on both brows in preparation for the microblading tattoo session.

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 10 of 40

Ms Keighty Wong during the actual microblading session

After around 40 minutes, Ms Keighty Wong started the procedure. I was surprised because it wasn’t painful at all. I swear! The actual procedure was really quick too.

Here’s how it looked right after that quick ‘n painless tattoo session….

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 11 of 40

OMG May kilay na ‘ko!



After my 3D Microblading session, I was given detailed instructions as well as some healing cream for me to use during the 5-7 day downtime.

What to expect during the 1 week downtime…

2nd to 3rd Day:

On the 2nd & 3rd day, expect that your brows will look extra dark since the pigment is oxidizing. It is advised to wear dark lipstick during this time to somehow match your Halloween-ish brows. LOLS  I felt somewhat embarrassed to meet with people during this time, because I remember I attended a major festival in Bohol. I had to ignore and endure this phase, for I knew it won’t last for long. My brows also felt itchy and sore, so I applied the cream they gave me as often as possible.

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 39 of 40

photo during the 3rd day

4th – 7th Day

Strokes Premier 3D Microbalading Mae Ilagan 16 of 40

photo during the 5th day

By the 4th day, I noticed the color wasn’t as dark compared to the 1st few days. I also noticed scabs started forming and it continued to itch, so I still kept applying the healing cream. I felt really worried this time coz I thought I did something wrong. I thought my skin was too oily that it was rejecting the pigment. Good thing Ms Keighty told me it was going to be ok. 


8th Day onwards:

After the healing process, it was like, WOW! My brows looked natural and I couldn’t believe it was perfectly in shape. OMG it was like a miracle! I should have done it sooner! BTW, aside from having my eyebrows fixed, I also tried their Yumi Lashes for natural looking eyelash curls, Invisible EyeLiner for more eye definition and Lip Color Enhancement to correct my dark lip spots and make them look fuller.

Let me show you more photos after my Kilay transformation with Strokes Premier….


I can now do #WokeUpLikeThis photos with perfect kilays!


Now I never have bad kilay days anymore!



Here are my most recent photos after 3 months…..




Definitely no more bad kilay days for me, thanks to Ms Keighty Wong and the team behind Strokes Premier! I still do apply my liquid eyebrow liner sometimes, but it doesn’t take me ages anymore since they are already perfectly shaped! Having this procedure has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m really glad and thankful to be in expert hands! I also highly recommend their Invisible Eye Liner and Lip Color Enhancement. Ever since my natural Lip Color Enhancement procedure, I never felt the need to apply lipstick anymore since it always looked pinkish, moisturized and supple. Another great thing about it is that it lasts for 5 years!


Do I recommend it? Hell yeah! You won’t regret it I swear! Best to start the procedure right away in preparation for the holidays!


Strokes Premier

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