Dwight Howard in Manila for the Adidas Signature Shots Event

Dwight Howard in ManilaDwight Howard in Manila at the Adidas Signature Shots Event


When in Manila and you are a fan of the NBA’s resident ‘Superman’, then I’m pretty sure you were one of the many who gathered at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium to catch a glimpse of Dwight Howard in Manila at the Adidas Signature Shots Event.  This was one of many NBA-related events where the Houston Rockets superstar attended in his return to Manila as part of the NBA Global Games 2013.



Everyone was excited for Dwight Howard in Manila!




The competitors for the pre-event 3pt shootout

Before the ‘main event’, we were treated to a 3-point shootout. The winner of the shootout would move on to be one of the lucky fans to face Dwight Howard in Manila through a one-on-one matchup. It was a brief yet fun event, but after it was over, we were told that ‘Superman’ was nearing the venue.

NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-03The Competitors for the 3-pt shootout

NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-02Host Rico Robles interviews a fan before welcoming Dwight Howard in Manila


Fresh off his practice for the NBA Pre-Season Game between his Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers, D-12 arrived at the SM Mall of Asia riding in style…with a customized NBA jeepney!


NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-14NBA Superstar Dwight Howard in Manila, entering the venue


A long line of excited fans were there to greet the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year as he made his way to the Mall of Asia Atrium. The crowd went crazy for Dwight Howard in Manila as he stepped on stage and greeted the people in attendance.




Dwight Howard in Manila

NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-05On-stage: Rico Robles and Dwight Howard in Manila


Dwight said it was great to be back in Manila and added that he enjoyed his first trip back in 2005 (Author’s note: Dwight’s first visit to Manila was in June 2005, during the NBA Madness Tour). Host Rico Robles had a short interview with Dwight and they ran a number of fan questions, such as which Filipino food he’d like to try out (balut) to how he squeezes his toothpaste container (from the bottom).



Rico Robles getting the crowd hyped up even more for Dwight Howard in Manila

NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-07Dwight Howard in Manila doing a little dance for the fans at MOA

After the short interview, Dwight was given a green ball for the Adidas Signature Shots event which would capture his digital signature while he plays the court with the ball. Dwight Howard showcased some of his basketball skills on the court as he went one-on-one against a handful of lucky fans in attendance. The fans were given a customized ‘digital signature’ based on Dwight’s moves on the court with the motion-detecting camera and ball.



NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-08Dwight Howard in Manila going one-on-one with some lucky fans


The event wasn’t over yet, however, as Dwight picked 5 audience members to strut their stuff in a ‘dance off’. The dance-off was well received, especially when the final two competitors squared off. The crowd picked the lone boy of the two finalists as the best dancer of the night. The NBA Superstar capped things off with a meet-and-greet on-stage with the contestants and other fans.


NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-11 A fan showing off her skills to Dwight Howard in Manila at the dance-off competition


While Adidas Signature Shots with Dwight Howard in Manila was a short event, everyone still had a blast at the MOA Atrium. As an NBA fan, I was happy that I got to see Dwight Howard in Manila. Dwight not only displayed his basketball skills that day, but also how entertaining he was. With his charming personality and his awesome mic skills, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing Dwight Howard in Manila or at least on our television screens even after he retires from the NBA.


NBA-Superstar-Dwight-Howard-Returns-to-Manila-When-In-Manila-12 Dwight and a couple of his fans posing for the cameras on stage


When in Manila would like to give some shout-outs to Adidas Philippines and Green Bulb PR for giving us the invite to this amazing event.  I know that by the time you’re reading this article, Dwight and the rest of the NBA contingent would be gone from Manila. Don’t worry, dear readers…for I have a feeling that Dwight Howard (as well as the other NBA players) will return to Manila sooner than you think.




WIM Photos by: Dale Ligon and Martin Vicencio

Dwight Howard in Manila for the Adidas Signature Shots Event